Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have you done any good in the world today?

Vote for Me
Good Mood Gig from SAM-e

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So here is the chance to do a good deed with only the click of the mouse.  How often can you make someone's dream come true so easily?  Look to it peeps.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Missionary Update

I thought I would post just a little update about Elder Hammond.
Here he is the day he got to the mission field with President and Sister Barry.
Do you think he would hate to know that
I think he looks so cute in his badge?

Here is the thing, he is doing amazingly well and loving every minute so far.
I am so grateful that he is where he is,
but it is strange to be so starved for information
about what his new life is like.

You get this kid as a baby and you are there for every single minute.
And then you watch them grow up and you get to go to
every game or concert they are a part of.
You have a front row seat for everything,
and now when he is doing the most important thing he has done so far
you get a few paragraphs every week.

It seems completely inadequate.

And so I stalk the mission blog and
take great joy in seeing the corner of his head in one
of the pictures of the missionaries eating lunch at
a zone conference.

I belong to an email group of other missionary moms to kids
serving in Jacksonville Florida, and every now and then
another mom knows something about the area
he is serving in.

I google earth his address and learn about the city he is in and
any other useless information.

Let me share a part of one of his letters:

"We were challenged by Elder Pearson's wife to read Joseph Smith's history every Sunday and I can say that I've grown to love Joseph Smith. How he was just a normal kid and had many struggles including just bursting out with laughter and being irreverent at church even after his vision. He was a normal guy and I aspire to become like him. I'd love to meet him one day and give him a big hug. He's an awesome man and I appreciate him so much. I gave my first 2 priesthood blessings in 2 days. My first one was wild. I didn't feel any promptings to say anything specific, but as soon as I started I felt the spirit fill my whole body instantly stronger than I've ever felt it. My hands trembled a little as I finished the blessing. It was the wildest thing I've ever experienced with the spirit. He truly encompassed my body and his hands were in mine as I placed them on this lady's head."

Of course when I read something like that, I feel silly for even feeling
like I am missing out on "watching"  him serve his mission.
I know if I was there he could not have the same growth
and experiences.

And so it has been a couple of crazy months,
getting him ready to go,
adjusting to him being gone,
and settling into the routine of just one
letter a week.

It is good and truly I wouldn't want him to be
anywhere else than serving the Lord.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Tallest of Tall with the Smallest of Small

I think I am going to start embracing wordless Wednesday.  It seems all I can muster right now.

This is Jared with my neice last summer in Seattle.