Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something to make you smile

This made me spit my drink all over the place.  It is hee-hee-hee-larious.  And even though I don't agree with everything on Glee, you have to admit this parody is pretty darn clever.  Enjoy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It was the best of times and the worst of times.  My super, swell weekend of fun and frivolity, with a little bit of pain and torture thrown in for good measure, is now over.  I have returned to real life, but the festivities were remarkably groovy while they lasted.

Diana and I left Vegas, bound for Provo, last Wednesday night.  We traveled up to Cedar City where we spent the night with a dear friend of mine.  Our husbands were in graduate school together in Riverside.  We lived in the student housing there for five years.  And despite the limited budget and cramped living conditions, those years were truly magical.  We shared dinners, played games, cheered our husbands in championship basketball games, held each others' babies, shopped, and walked, and just generally hung out together all the time.  There is something unique about the simplicity of life during the schooling years.  And just like most things, I probably didn't fully appreciate what I had, until it was gone.  And having wonderful friends to share it with made it all the more fantastic.  After those years in school, we parted ways.  They have spent 17 years on the east coast, but have come back to the west.  So it was wonderful to be able to spend the night at her house and catch up.  It is amazing how you just pick up where you left off with really good friends that you haven't seen for a long time.  That was a excellent way to begin the weekend.

Then it was onto Spanish Fork, where we arrived just in time to see my niece perform in a first grade patriotic program.  All the kids were adorable as only 1st graders can be.

That night we headed up to Salt Lake City to see the performance of Mary Poppins.  I heard about the fact that it was playing just the week before and was thrilled when we could fit this into the schedule for the weekend.  I have wanted to see it for at least three years since it first came out on Broadway. 
 Diana and I with Mary herself.  Quite satisfactory!!
Next we have me with the official curtain in the background.  It is hard to see it but it says "Mary Poppins" on it.  Apparently you are not allowed to even take this picture, because we got yelled at by the usher.  Photos are not allowed because of copy right issues.  I got in trouble for taking a similar picture at Wicked, so that is just how I roll at these things, I suppose.  I am not sure if you can see, but we are sitting on the 7th row.  Our seats were amazing.  I have never seen a show so close up before. 

We loved every minute of the performance.  There is just nothing like a professional production.  It was truly sensational. Trust me it was practically perfect in every way.   I would recommend it to anyone, except maybe small children.  There is one number with life size toys that is on the scary side.  Diana thought it might even give her nightmares.  We loved it so much, I am going to start saving up for Beauty in the Beast, that comes in March.  Mary Poppins was really the high light of the weekend, and I enjoyed it to the fullest, blissfully unaware that two days later I would witness a tragedy of mass proportions.  How is that for foreshadowing?

Friday I got my hair done.  And Friday evening I went to the BYU football fireside with my sister and brother-in-law.  The fireside was great as it always is.  Afterwards I took the chance to meet a few players that had not been assaulted by me before.
This is Corby Eason, the safety.  I watched a special about him and how his mom did such a good job raising him by herself.  I was glad to get to meet him.

I also ran into Jaimeson Frazier, who I met at the baseball game after women's conference.  Shockingly enough he recognized me and said he remembered my funny stalking book and turkey bone story.  He may have been saying that to make me feel good, but I suppose in some freakish way, I am memorable.  Not many crazy old ladies running around with turkey bones and books of their stalking pictures.

Here I am with Brandon Olgetree.  He is another defensive player and Coach Mendenhall says that he is a really nice guy, until he gets on the field and then his eyes kind of go in separate directions.  He was very kind to pose for a picture.
And finally the group shot.  Someone else had gotten this group together and taken a picture, so it was easy for me to say "hey don't move, I need a picture with all of you."  Good, good times, people.
Finally Saturday arrived.  There was a terrible downpour on Friday night, and I was worried that it might rain for the game.  But the weather was wonderful, although I did bring my coat with me just because it was a night game.  Here I am so happy and excited to be parked and at the field.  I have no idea that I am about to be run over by a mac truck, so to speak.

And of course this picture was an absolute must.  The girl before me to take her picture with this truck was actually blowing a kiss to this player, so I am capable of some restraint.  Just so you know.

And here I am ready to party.  Kettle corn, cotton candy, and spiced almonds, Oh My!!!  So the evening was not a total loss.
My sister came with me to the game.  This proved to be useful throughout the night when she would remind me that I still needed to keep breathing.  After some plays, I really forgot about things like oxygen.
And even though she is an Aggie, she was kind enough to be supportive and wear one of my BYU shirts and wave her pom and cheer with me.  She was a very good sport. 

And she pointed out this lovely sunset, which was much better to look at than anything going on down on the field.  And at other times she reminded me that yes there is more to life than football and at least no one had died, even though most of us at the stadium probably wished the earth would open up and swallow us whole.
Here is a shot of just how close to the field we were.  Yes nothing like practically a front row seat to the massacre.  It was like watching someone hit your child with their car, and then back over them again and again and again.  Not to mention that the CEO of the bank who gave me the tickets is a Utah fan.  So he with his four daughters were sitting in front of us, and the two Utah fans that won tickets were sitting next to us, and there were 3 other Utah fans right behind us.  So although mildly entertaining, it was rather disturbing and perhaps even more painful watching them bask in the glory of their teams success.  Kind of like pouring lemon juice in my paper cuts, only they felt more like lacerations than paper cuts.

It was quite eye opening to see all of the other BYU fans.  I was with my people, if you know what I mean. Sort of like finally making it to the mother ship.   One fan had a blue football helmet with angel Moroni glued to the top of it.  There were people in completely blue body suits.  My favorite sign that someone was holding said "Hey Jordan, my sister called, she wants her arm back."

Jimmer Fredette was at the game and spent most of it on the sideline just below where we were sitting.  At one point I suggested to the BYU fan sitting next to us, that perhaps we should put Jimmer in the game.  Surely he couldn't have done much worse than the guys on the field.  He seemed to agree and called out "Put some pads on Jimmer."   Here is a shot of him walking out at the end of the game.  You can see the teams on the field in the background.

Overall I would give the ambiance, company, weather, and snacks an A+.  The actual game, well not so good.  However I do still love my team.  I would go to see them again, despite the pain they gave my heart.  My status on facebook that night said "Other than the shooting, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?"  That pretty much sums it all up.   I only hope that they can learn something positive from all of this.  I have the utmost confidence in Coach Mendenhall.  I will be there on my couch Friday night cheering them on to what I seriously hope will be a victory.  One of these days, things will click and they will march up and down the field.  And when that day happens, you can bet that I will be there, turkey bone in hand.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I case you live in a cave and haven't heard

 In case you live in a soundproof cave and haven't heard me screaming for joy, here is picture proof that I did in fact win the facebook contest for BYU-Utah football tickets.  It is also proof that sometimes good guys finish first.  And that you should never give up, no matter how far behind you think you are in a race.  You never know what the end result will be until you cross the finish line.

I posted about how excited I was about the contest, and honestly I had a hard time sleeping the first night of the contest, as I was in first place when I went to bed.  I woke up the next morning only find that I had moved down to 3rd, then 4rth, and finally 5th place.  I couldn't figure out how these people ahead of me were getting hundreds of votes.  I told myself, "Oh well, it really doesn't matter."  But deep down I was very sad to think that I was so close but still so far away from my dream.  I still kept voting every day and made my husband and kids votes as well, just so I could stay in 5th place. 

Finally it was the last day.  The contest was suppose to end at noon.  I checked about 1:00 and it said that the contest had been extended until midnight.  Then when I looked the top place people had been removed from the contest.  I wasn't sure why, but suddenly I was in second place.  My spirits soared like a caged bird just set free.  I had a chance.  The next several hours were spent visiting the homes of several friends, so I could talk them through the somewhat complicated process of voting.  Because there is nothing obnoxious about showing up on someone's doorstep, say "Hi, please go to your computer RIGHT NOW and vote for me!!!"  I went to people who had multiple facebook users at their house.  Also I called and texted family and had them vote as well.  I spent pretty much the next 6 hours begging for votes.  One of the best things I did was text my good friend The Crash Test Dummy.  She posted a link on her facebook wall, and she has 900 friends for goodness sake.  It is good to have friends with such connections.  Many of her people were kind enough to vote for me as well.  In the end I got 300 points that afternoon.  Which at 5 points a vote, is a lot of votes.

It turns out that the top people were cheating by using fake accounts and voting services.  So they were disqualified once their votes were verified.  Because I got so many votes so fast, I was accused of cheating.  The people disqualified even used their fake accounts to vote for me to try and disqualify me as well.  The morning after the contest I got a call from the verification service to ask me how exactly did I get so many votes in one day.  I explained to him about my driving from house to house.  This seemed to satisfy him.  An hour later I got the call from the bank that I had won the tickets.  I am still in shock and disbelief.  But there was much happy dancing involved that day.

Hip hip hooray for winning!!! Here is pictorial proof that I did win something, and in fact it is something I am thrilled to death to have won.  I have actually never attended a BYU/Utah football game in person.  The fact that I finally get to be there in the flesh, well I am excited beyond word.  I am covered in bruises from pinching myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

Here is a up close look at just how up close I will be watching this game.  Hee hee hee, I am giddy with anticipation!  These seats are on the 35 yard line, so hopefully I will get to see some touchdowns. 

And here is the pair of them.  My husband has a scouting commitment so he can't go.  I mean priorities, get some.  But instead my sister will be attending with me.  It is going to be the best day ever!!!  And should be good for a few more photo opportunities/stalking situations.

Here I am in my RISE UP game day t-shirt.  I wore this last Saturday to wish my Cougars good luck against Ole Miss.  And despite the fact that I almost had a heart attach watching that game, my team did prevail in the end.  So woohoo! for starting the season off with a win.  Good luck in Texas tomorrow.

And one week from tomorrow, you and me baby!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last chance to vote

OK if you have a facebook click  HERE and vote for me to win the football tickets.

With 3 hours to go in the contest, I am ahead by 268 pts.I am holding my breath, crossing my toes and fingers, and knocking on any wood I can find.

Once you click on the link, click on the first star on the right to give me 5 points.

My dream just may come true.  Three more hours.