Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

Remember a few posts ago how I gloated over the fact that I sent my daughter to Utah and was enjoying the quietness of my house? Well just so you know, it is not a good idea to mock the Gods of Murphy. Especially in writing on a public forum. Because They will go to extreme measures to spit on your parade. Just saying.

This spitting involved my daughter getting a fever of 103 which did not go away for 6 days. Of course shortly after I posted about my giddiness at being short one child, my sister called to tell me that she finally found her thermometer and actually took Diana's temp. Are we related or what? I can't even think of how many times I have been to a doctor and said, "I know he/she has had a fever for a few days, but I don't know exactly what it is because I can't find my thermometer."

Anyway, once a thermometer was located and actually used the result was 103. Holy burning up Batman! I don't think this child has ever had a fever that high.

Let's just flashback one year, pretty much exactly to the day. That time is was Jared with the fever. And that didn't turn out very well, i.e. near death experience, 10 days on the ventilator, 5 surgeries, 18 days in the PICU, and 25 days total in the hospital. Now a rational person would realize that there is no reason to think that Diana's fever would end up the same way. But I have never been really known for my rational thinking. Rationalizations, yes. Rational thinking, no.

I should probably include the detail that she had been coughing and complaining of a sore throat. So I took her to my pediatrician the day before she went to Utah. Her ears were clear and the Doctor even tested her throat for Strep. Nothing. The doctor could see no reason for her to not go. So I sent her. Of course Murphy paid us a visit when the fever showed up.

And so I encouraged my sister to take Diana in to her pediatrician, even though it was in another state and my insurance wasn't really going to cover it. This pediatrician found her ears to be clear. He checked again for strep. He even tested her for influenza/swine flu. Negative to all of it. He said it must be viral and should only last for a few days.

I attended this appointment via the speaker phone option on my cell phone. Can I just say that is not a bad way to attend a doctor appointment. I just sat there on my couch and panicked in the comfort of my own home. I felt bad to inconvenience my sister. She said it was one of the best doctor appointments she has been to because she didn't have to do crowd control on her small children. No one tried to lick the inside of the garbage can. No one tried to pull all the paper that lines the examine table out of the roll. Well I am glad I could giver her a glimpse of how it will be someday, if she lives through the joy of toddler hood.

So after that doctor appointment I considered getting in the car and driving to Utah. But my sister assured me that she had things covered and that it wasn't really that big of a deal. Jared did need to be doing some summer school stuff and so I stayed in Vegas. I felt so torn. It was horrible.

Several days later she still was not doing very well. I talked to my sister in the morning and she told me that it was still OK. I started doing laundry to prepare to go the next day. A few hours later my sister called me back and said that Diana seemed to be doing worse. That was it. I just bundled up my dirty laundry, and Jared and headed to Utah.

Can I just say that it is kind of stressful to try to cautiously speed? I wanted to be there pronto, but I did not want to get a ticket. Quite the conundrum.

Finally we got there at 10 pm. Diana was relieved to see me. I actually tried sleeping in the same queen bed with her that night. Bad idea. She was up all night long. It was reassuring to be able to reach over and put my hand on her chest to check to see if she was still breathing.

After the horrible no good night, I decided to take her back in to the doctor. He still could not see anything else wrong. So he sent us to get the blood work done. All of this was such a de ja vu experience. Remember I took Jared to a doctor who found nothing wrong with him just 4 days before he was hospitalized. So hard to keep those thoughts of terror from crowding in.

I felt better to know that we could see more in the blood test. Diana was not happy to get a shot, but she was a trooper through the whole thing. Later that day the doctor's office called to say that everything looked normal.

And so after three visits to the doctor, the next day her fever broke and she started getting better.

Of course now several of my nephews are coming down with fevers. This week the rest of my family is suppose to arrive in Spanish Fork. Sounds like the beginning of a great Family Reunion with people getting sick, huh?

And so I may be missing in action from the blogosphere. Sometimes I get a minute to still check in. Hope all of you are having better vacations.

Oh and can I just say how glad I am to be wrong and not end up in the hospital. Thank goodness I do not need to learn more by having a repeat expereince.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life is Just Nuts

I stumbled upon the following article in the NY Daily News. I am pretty much speechless about it and thought I should share with all of you. Definitely a "What the what" inducing topic. Just a warning, if you are drinking anything, swallow first, before you read. Wouldn't want to be blamed when you spit on your computer screen.

"Real, or fake? Never mind the busty woman walking her dog in the park - it may just be her pooch who's sporting implants.

Some pet owners who neuter their male dogs are opting for a surgical procedure meant to make Fido feel like he's back in the good ol' days B.C. - Before Castration.

Neuticles - testicular implants for dogs that look and feel like the real thing - are said to boost a pet's self-esteem by replacing what was lost. It's a procedure that's becoming increasingly popular in New York.

"We did it so Truman could still walk proudly down the street," says Penny Glazier, a Manhattan restaurateur, of her 8-year-old bull mastiff.
"We felt it would be good for him psychologically," she adds. "He actually still marks trees, though I'm told neutered dogs aren't supposed to do that anymore."

Made from polypropylene ($119 a pair), solid silicone ($249) or a liquid-filled "ultra-plus" model with lifelike veins ($889), Neuticles were introduced in 1995 by Missouri inventor Glenn A. Miller.

Though it took several years for veterinarians to accept the product, Miller claims more than 230,000 pets in 49 countries have been "Neuticled" at 17,000 clinics worldwide. The procedure is performed mostly on dogs, but owners have had it done for cats, bulls, horses, monkeys - even an elephant.

"People like their male dogs to look natural," says Miller. "Neuticles are strictly cosmetic. But it encourages owners who are hesitant about neutering their pets to do it, and that helps reduce pet overpopulation."

Size, by the way, does matter. Neuticles range from petite (.63 inches in length) all the way to XX-large (2.75 inches).

While the operation is safe, not every vet is sold on the idea - especially when it's more about an owner's ego than the dog's. "It is mostly men who inquire about it," says Dr. Gina Antiaris of Miller-Clark Animal Center in Mamaroneck. "I've done [the operation] before, but we don't do it here. It's sort of unnecessary."
"It's really a cosmetic thing," says Dr. Richard Green, who has performed it several times. "Dogs do just fine without their testicles."

For dog owner Edgar Rivera of the Bronx, whose Jack Russell terrier and chihuahua were both neutered, Neuticles was never an option. "Fake ba--s for a dog?" asks Rivera. "That's just nuts."

OK, is it just me, or is this idea ludicrous to the Nth degree? Holy waste of disposable income, Batman. And seriously how do they know that their dog's self esteem is worse or better? I don't get it. And I do admit that I am not a dog person in the least. But I can not imagine spending $900 to improve the self esteem of one of my kids let alone a pet. Good Golly, Miss Molly. Some people's kids. And don't ya just love the last line from the guy that said "That's just nuts." Some people are so punny. And the line about size does matter. Who knew?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Diana does Utah

Through a series of fortunate events, Diana has gone to Utah to visit her cousins. She left Thursday. Jared and I will be joining her next week. A friend of mine was driving up, and I asked if she could hitch a ride. That way she can have fun playing and I can have fun being lonely.

I do have to say that for someone so small, she can generate a lot of stuff every where she goes. Weather it is changing her clothes severl times daily, creating mountains of art projects, or cooking in the kitchen, well let's just say that the remaining children at my house are not quite as productive when it comes to creating chaos.

To her credit, she does do way more cleaning up than either of the boys. I think it is a girl thing. And all on her own, I don't even have to ask her. I love the way she likes to surprise me with unloading the dishwasher or mopping the kitchen floor. So nice she will be able to take good care of me in my old age. Maybe it was a good plan to have boys first, after all.

Jared and I can't go until next week because he needs to take some tests to pass off some independant study classes. Right now he is working on health. The independant study summer program allows you to do as many classes as you want to. At first I was overly optimistic that he could completely catch up from missing his whole freshman year. Gee, I wonder what would make me think that he could make up a year's worth of school work in 6 weeks? After smacking my head against the brick wall of realistic expectations, I am hoping he will complete health and personal wellness. He will get Health done this week. Anything after that will be a bonus.

Diana has been enjoying herself so far. Last night my brother took her to see Up with his kids. She told my sister that she loves Utah because the movie theaters don't even have casinos in them. For any of you who are lucky enough to have never been to Vegas or seen a movie here, all of the theaters are in the casinos. Most annoying to have to walk past all the slots and smokers just to go to a movie. One of my many pet peeves about Vegas. And how funny that it would seem great to her to not have to deal with casinos. And to term it that the movie theater has a casino, not that the casino has a movie theater in it. Besides that happiness, she saw someone at the movie wearing a BYU t-shirt. She also thought that was novel and exciting. I have trained her well.

So I am enjoying getting to pick what to watch on TV and sleeping in with out her poking me in the ribs. At the same time, it is eerily quiet. Quiet is not often heard when she is around. Sometimes it is a good thing to have absence make the heart grow fonder.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Look Ma, I made a book.

Today the lovely Federal Express guy delivered MY BOOK! Actually I didn't see him make the delivery so I really have no idea if he was lovely or ugly, but that is neither here nor there. The important thing is that the delivery was made.

Some jumping up and down was required. This is very exciting. Of course it would be more exciting if I had written a book that an editor thought worthy of paying me for, but sometimes you can't have it all. Instead I will settle for this wonderfully delightful book that I paid someone to print up for me.

Here is the cover of the book. Of course I had to put my screaming face on the cover. I love my title "Paparazzi Pat Perpetuates Pigskin Passion." It combines my love for all things alliteration with my love for BYU football. I think it has a certain ring to it, if I do say so myself. The subtitle says "Documented proof that I belong in an institution for the stalkerly insane." How appropriate is that?

Look how cool it turned out?

Now I have something new to bore all my friends and family with. Wahoo!
This is one of my favorite pages, although I did not get a very good picture of it. I think you can get the general idea of how fun to have all my crazy BYU hat pictures on one page.

The whole thing was beyond addicting. Sadly I have already noticed some things I wish I had done differently, but overall it will be a treasure. And since I am the one I made it for, I won't care that much.

I have wondered though about the cycle I am creating. First I wrote a bunch of blog posts about BYU football. Then I took the posts from my blog and put them in a book. Now I am blogging about the book. I am sensing an unending cycle here. Kind of silly, I suppose. But enjoyable none the less.

I made this book using It was really easy, although I would recommend watching the introductory tutorial. I loved the way it sucked all my posts and pictures in from my blog. Now that I have the important stuff published, perhaps I should go back and publish all the stuff about my kids.

So now you must all treat me with the respect a published author deserves, even if I am screaming all the time. He He He.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ghosts from the past

Well I have pretty much fallen off the end of the earth as far as blogging goes. As I look at my computer, I see that many of you are the same way. So try not to faint from the shock that I posted. It seems that lazy days of summer don't provide for much blogging fodder. Also children who are not at school do tend to hog up computer time. Just saying.

I have been consumed with a project involving It is a web site that will take your blog and turn it into a book. My first book should be here in two days and I will have to post more about it then. But I am very excited and I have spent hours looking through boxes of pictures. Too bad I am not more organized.

I came across this picture. I had not even remembered that it was taken. Even though the date on it says 1998, it was really from 2002 because the date on my camera was messed up and so all the pictures that say 98 are really from 2002. Hopefully someone in my posterity will read this and that will unlock a key to deciphering the masses of unorganized pictures in various sizes of boxes and envelopes. If not, it might not really be all that important.

Anyway, moving on to the picture at hand. How adorable is this picture? I love it. Especially because our days of cat ownership are in the past, this brings back fond memories. Memories of cats are better than dealing with the mess in the present. So we will stick with that for now. But seriously have you ever seen two cuter nappers? And there is something about black cats with white tummies that I find irresistible. I am sure that shortly after this picture was taken, we sold this cat to someone, because that was what we did. Have kittens, play with them for 8 weeks, find new homes for them. This cycle was repeated over and over for 7 years, until the cycle of abuse was broken by my taking the mama to the pound. This of course broke my heart, but it needed to be done. But looking at this picture makes me wonder how I ever let this kitten leave.

So here's to finding hidden treasures that remind you of times you forgot to remember.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hail the Conquering Graduate

Yesterday was Graduation Day for my oldest son Trent. He had a few classes he had to make up from last year in order to qualify for graduation. It was a bit of a cliff hanger, but he managed to pull it all out of the bag, in the end. Like the school administrator said "D" for diploma. Now, maybe he can avoid living in a van down by the river.

I don't think it has really sunk in yet. Hard to believe my little one could be old enough to be done with high school. I am proud of him for not giving up and working as hard as he did this last semester. Way to finish strong.

My Mom, Dad, and sister Jennifer were able to come and share in the celebration. It was so fun to see my mom. She wasn't going to come, but at the last minute she decided that she was feeling up to it and could postpone one of her radiation treatments. She is looking really great.

Of course things have to be complicated and my husband was suppose to be teaching a class during the ceremony. Luckily he was able to rearrange things and be there for the big day.
Here are Jared, my Mom, Jennifer, and Diana waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Here is the school logo that was up on the big screen.
Here is Trent walking in. Sadly, I didn't get the picture of him doing his Rocky impersonation. You will just have to imagine it.
Here he is after the ceremony. The ropes he is wearing are for those who participated in Orchestra.
And here he is with the famous eye brow and the diploma with his name on it.

The proud parents. Notice my husbands glasses are broken again and in need of tape to keep them together.
And the whole family. Nice looking group, if I say so myself.

Here are the proud grandparents.
And here Jennifer and Trent are having a contest to see who can make the best face.

My Dad, Jennifer, Trent, me, and my Mom.
After all the festivities we went to Olive Garden to celebrate. Jared managed to not be in this picture. Way to go, son. The food was very yummy.
And finally for all of you who weren't able to be there, here is a video of him walking across the stage.
It was a good day and now he will work for the summer and attend the community college in the fall.
So here is to the future. I hope the best is yet to be.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I hate Cliffhangers

Like most of the rest of America, I have been really enjoying watching So You Think You Can Dance. I too think I can dance, but unlike so many who auditioned, I have sense enough to realize that I am delusional. Instead I will settle for Thinking I Can Watch Dance.

That however may or may not prove to be true.

I absolutely loved the first audition show two weeks ago. It was filled with emotion and watching talented people doing what they love and having people validate that. Well it left me in awe. I love, love, loved it.

It made me wish that there was something in my life that I am that passionate about and talented at. I don't suppose there will ever be a TV show called "So You Think You Can Stalk the BYU Football Team". SYTYCSTBFT. Probably not. But, ff there ever is, I am sure to be a shoe in.

But I have to say that tonight, as I watched so many of my favorites from the audition cities, get cut, I felt dismayed. Why did they do that to me and my emotional frailness? Why did they get me to like these people and care for and about them and then kick them to the curb just like that?

Of course I will still watch the show. And some of my favorites are still in the competition. But why did they rip my heart out and stomp on it?

And then they are going to make me wait all the way until tomorrow night before I find out who makes the top 20. What the what. Are you kidding me?

I am not a patient person. I want to know now. I am so not impressed. But I will still watch the show anyway. I am a sucker like that.

P.S. I can not beleive that Brandon won Make Me a Super Model. Again I say, What the What? I so wanted it to be Jonathon. And I don't get it. Sometimes I think these shows just choose the person who is least likely to win, just for the shock value. Oh well, at least that means the Top Chef will start next week. Hope it will be good, even if it is a Masters version.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Purple Puppy Love from a Distance

A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend came to town. We met 20 years ago at a church basketball game that our husbands were playing in for our ward. My husband and I had just moved into student housing at UC Riverside. Kim and I became friends immediately, and have been ever since.

We lived in student housing for the next 5 years and had the best times. Often we got together for dinner or better yet went out to eat. There were many trips to Spoons after basketball games. Other times we would get together to play games or just hang out. Being graduate students was certainly made better by such great friends.

After graduate school, jobs took us to different places to live, but we have kept in touch through the years.

It was so fun to spend time catching up with her and going out to eat at Cheescake Factory. Her sister has a master plan for eating at Cheese Factory. You all share the appetizer sampler, and then everyone has to get a different kind of cheesecake. After you eat a few bites of yours, then you all pass them all around the table and you get to taste 6 different kinds. She is rather insistent on the plan, but it is a good plan, so I went along willingly.

Here we are posing at Brighton. Thanks for introducing me to this place, as I was a Brighton Virgin. I am not into jewelry, I guess that explains it.
The reason Kim was in Vegas, was to go to the Donny & Marie show. She had some connections and got tickets to go backstage. How lucky is she?
And so here she is with her sisters, mom, and aunt with the real deal. How cool is that? And since I got my picture taken with Kim, I am only one degree of separation from Donny himself. Also cool.

I stole these pictures off of her facebook. You gotta love that thing. And I absolutely loved this picture of her mom with Donny. Look at the glee on her face. So wonderful.

Some day I may get to go to the show myself, but I think for a while my stalking will have to stay at one degree of separation.
Kim thanks for making my stalking dreams almost come true.