Thursday, June 4, 2009

I hate Cliffhangers

Like most of the rest of America, I have been really enjoying watching So You Think You Can Dance. I too think I can dance, but unlike so many who auditioned, I have sense enough to realize that I am delusional. Instead I will settle for Thinking I Can Watch Dance.

That however may or may not prove to be true.

I absolutely loved the first audition show two weeks ago. It was filled with emotion and watching talented people doing what they love and having people validate that. Well it left me in awe. I love, love, loved it.

It made me wish that there was something in my life that I am that passionate about and talented at. I don't suppose there will ever be a TV show called "So You Think You Can Stalk the BYU Football Team". SYTYCSTBFT. Probably not. But, ff there ever is, I am sure to be a shoe in.

But I have to say that tonight, as I watched so many of my favorites from the audition cities, get cut, I felt dismayed. Why did they do that to me and my emotional frailness? Why did they get me to like these people and care for and about them and then kick them to the curb just like that?

Of course I will still watch the show. And some of my favorites are still in the competition. But why did they rip my heart out and stomp on it?

And then they are going to make me wait all the way until tomorrow night before I find out who makes the top 20. What the what. Are you kidding me?

I am not a patient person. I want to know now. I am so not impressed. But I will still watch the show anyway. I am a sucker like that.

P.S. I can not beleive that Brandon won Make Me a Super Model. Again I say, What the What? I so wanted it to be Jonathon. And I don't get it. Sometimes I think these shows just choose the person who is least likely to win, just for the shock value. Oh well, at least that means the Top Chef will start next week. Hope it will be good, even if it is a Masters version.


Heidi Ashworth said...

I couldn't BELIEVE it when they sent the redhead home! But then I realized that she just couldn't do anything really but her own thing--like Gaby--but for some reason they are giving Gaby more of a chance. Still, the way they filmed it, it just didn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

I'm still recuperating from Margie and Luke not winning the Amazing Race. I think I've lost my faith in all reality shows.

Smart Helm said...

I admit it.. I don't understand the pull of these reality shows! But obviously people like them since they keep popping up and I have to change the channel.

Come on now.. when I watch TV, I'm ESCAPING from real life!

But you describe it in such a funny way that it almost makes me want to see what the fuss is about. ALMOST :-)

April said...

I'm with Sue Q...I haven't recovered from the Amazing Race either. Then So You Think You Can Dance focuses so much on Mia Michaels being so cruel to one of my favorite dancers...that I could bop her in the nose! Luckily they didn't cut him....I'll just take a xanax and pretend all is right with the world, just as I do every other day. :)

Eliza said...

I was so sad that the brothers got split up.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay Heidi... I'm with you WHY NATALIE! And April... I KNOW about Mia being a BUTT... seriously she needs to be nice... that was SOOOOO awkward. but I thought he held up to the criticism pretty well!

Since you know who is in the TOP 20... we are voting for Randi Evans... she is from my nieces Dance Studio in OREM UT!!! YEa!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness twice, that is sooooo true! Those meanie producers. They tricked us. Half of the top twenty we had never even seen before. I can just see them sitting around a big table and laughing while planning that little prank.

I always think I can dancer when I watch that show. It really does bring out the inner dancer in everyone. But yesterday we were watching home movies and I realized I am a total spaz.

I feel lucky I was able to land a hub, really.

I love your idea about starting a BYU football stalking show.

ha ha h aha ha You kill me. Oh, I have missed you. Sorry I was away so long. I am anxious to scroll down and read about Donny Osmond.


Cherie said...

I had to come and see your blog after I caught the picture next to the name "Nutty Hamster Chick" just hilarious!

I am more of a Dancing with the Stars, Bachelorette kind of girl but I loved reading your hilarious re-caps here :D

Have a Wonderful Sunday!

Lee said...

I thought Jonathon should've won too!
When Brandon won, all I could think was WHAT?!
He had the worst picture half the time! It's not even fair!
Come visit my blog sometime. :)

Kris said...

Congrats on Trents graduation!! I'm so glad he and you made it. Where's the blog on it?

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