Monday, June 22, 2009

Diana does Utah

Through a series of fortunate events, Diana has gone to Utah to visit her cousins. She left Thursday. Jared and I will be joining her next week. A friend of mine was driving up, and I asked if she could hitch a ride. That way she can have fun playing and I can have fun being lonely.

I do have to say that for someone so small, she can generate a lot of stuff every where she goes. Weather it is changing her clothes severl times daily, creating mountains of art projects, or cooking in the kitchen, well let's just say that the remaining children at my house are not quite as productive when it comes to creating chaos.

To her credit, she does do way more cleaning up than either of the boys. I think it is a girl thing. And all on her own, I don't even have to ask her. I love the way she likes to surprise me with unloading the dishwasher or mopping the kitchen floor. So nice she will be able to take good care of me in my old age. Maybe it was a good plan to have boys first, after all.

Jared and I can't go until next week because he needs to take some tests to pass off some independant study classes. Right now he is working on health. The independant study summer program allows you to do as many classes as you want to. At first I was overly optimistic that he could completely catch up from missing his whole freshman year. Gee, I wonder what would make me think that he could make up a year's worth of school work in 6 weeks? After smacking my head against the brick wall of realistic expectations, I am hoping he will complete health and personal wellness. He will get Health done this week. Anything after that will be a bonus.

Diana has been enjoying herself so far. Last night my brother took her to see Up with his kids. She told my sister that she loves Utah because the movie theaters don't even have casinos in them. For any of you who are lucky enough to have never been to Vegas or seen a movie here, all of the theaters are in the casinos. Most annoying to have to walk past all the slots and smokers just to go to a movie. One of my many pet peeves about Vegas. And how funny that it would seem great to her to not have to deal with casinos. And to term it that the movie theater has a casino, not that the casino has a movie theater in it. Besides that happiness, she saw someone at the movie wearing a BYU t-shirt. She also thought that was novel and exciting. I have trained her well.

So I am enjoying getting to pick what to watch on TV and sleeping in with out her poking me in the ribs. At the same time, it is eerily quiet. Quiet is not often heard when she is around. Sometimes it is a good thing to have absence make the heart grow fonder.


Smart Helm said...

There is beauty all around, when ur home alone...time doth softly, sweetly glide, when ur home alone.


Have fun in Utah. I know I will be!

Kristina P. said...

Casinos are EVERYWHERE in Vegas. As is smoking.

T said...

I love Smart Helm's new lyrics!!!

you think that the cousins want 5 more kids? I could use an empty house...

April said...

I am enjoying my empty house right now. Should be at work, but still not up to it. Enjoy the peace and be nice to your head. Those brick walls can leave a mark!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I had a FULL week without my kids and it was AWESOME... only I worked myself to the bone. I'm lazier with my kids around... go figure!

I'm close to Vegas... so I know what you mean about getting to the movie theatre's!

Well glad you get to come up and join her next week and bask in our Casino free movie theatre's!

I'm horrible at picking up after myself so I didn't get that trait! DANG IT!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha about the movie theaters and casinos. So funny. I wish my daughter did surprise cleaning like yours.

My daughter is in Utah with her cousins too. High Five. I miss her already.

So funny about your title. Diana does Utah. hee hee I totally get that allusion, you know.

So I just saw the magic quilt on Kritta's blog. aaaaaah! I can't wait to send it to your mom.

Marjorie said...

Crash, thanks for thinking of me. Its cold in the NW again so I could use another quilt...especially a magic one! One more week of treatments! Wahoo!! I going to make that trip to Utah no matter what!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Melanie, did I ever tell you how smart you are, and funny also.

Kristina, I hate the smoking thing, another one of my pet peeves about Vegas.

T sorry you can't be home alone also.

Wow April, sorry that evil sickness took so much out of you. Hope you are up to venturing out soon.

Shelle, I wish I could say that I was getting so much done, but alas I am just kind of wandering aimlessly about. that and sleeping.

Crash I have missed you so much. No one else gets me quite like you do.

Hi mom.

Kris said...

Lucky Ducky Diana,

Also you will have no fighting in the car on the way to Utah, unless you decide to fight with Jared.

Oh no I am turning green.

Eliza said...

Wow, surprise cleaning! What a dream!

Carrot Jello said...

er...random comment ahead.

How weird is it that I'm here blog surfing LDS blogs, and on the 50th blog (or so) I see the Patriarch for our stake is your dad?
Very weird indeed.

val of the south said...

Yay for alone time! My daughter is the same way with the clothes changing and art and kitchen messes. She likes to mark her (and everyone elses) territory!!

However, not so much alike on the cleaning...where do I sign her up for that?

Any get togethers planned so we can meet our favorite nutty hamster chick while she's in town???

Shawna said...

Enjoy your alone time! There are theaters outside of casinos here, just go to Rave or Regal.