Friday, June 19, 2009

Ghosts from the past

Well I have pretty much fallen off the end of the earth as far as blogging goes. As I look at my computer, I see that many of you are the same way. So try not to faint from the shock that I posted. It seems that lazy days of summer don't provide for much blogging fodder. Also children who are not at school do tend to hog up computer time. Just saying.

I have been consumed with a project involving It is a web site that will take your blog and turn it into a book. My first book should be here in two days and I will have to post more about it then. But I am very excited and I have spent hours looking through boxes of pictures. Too bad I am not more organized.

I came across this picture. I had not even remembered that it was taken. Even though the date on it says 1998, it was really from 2002 because the date on my camera was messed up and so all the pictures that say 98 are really from 2002. Hopefully someone in my posterity will read this and that will unlock a key to deciphering the masses of unorganized pictures in various sizes of boxes and envelopes. If not, it might not really be all that important.

Anyway, moving on to the picture at hand. How adorable is this picture? I love it. Especially because our days of cat ownership are in the past, this brings back fond memories. Memories of cats are better than dealing with the mess in the present. So we will stick with that for now. But seriously have you ever seen two cuter nappers? And there is something about black cats with white tummies that I find irresistible. I am sure that shortly after this picture was taken, we sold this cat to someone, because that was what we did. Have kittens, play with them for 8 weeks, find new homes for them. This cycle was repeated over and over for 7 years, until the cycle of abuse was broken by my taking the mama to the pound. This of course broke my heart, but it needed to be done. But looking at this picture makes me wonder how I ever let this kitten leave.

So here's to finding hidden treasures that remind you of times you forgot to remember.


Barbaloot said...

Does it say something about my feelings towards cats that I didn't even NOTICE there was one in the picture until you started talking about it?

Hope you like your book when it gets there!!

Smart Helm said...

Barbaloot - No it doesn't cuz I didn't notice either and I like cats!

That is a cute picture. It's too bad blogging mania didn't start many years ago or all those old pictures WOULD be documented! I'm happy ur so excited about the new book. May it fulfill all ur dreams and more :-)

T said...

I didn't notice the cat until it was mentioned either... of course - cats and I don't get along...

As a matter of fact - I'll tell a little story on myself (because I KNOW everyone was dying to hear another T story... and because I obviously can't seem to post on my OWN blog)

I was driving with the teenager the other day - and we see a "free kittens" sign. Free being my favorite price I looked, but kittens being my least fave thing, I turned away and kept driving... The boy says "kittens are okay mom... the problem is that they grow into cats and become..."

I interrupted with "dog food"

He says "mom, you're not funny" - which is Teen Code for "hahahahahahahhaaha!"

Kristina P. said...

I think blogging and I are going through a rough patch.

IWA (e - va) said...

Take 4... Not a cat person either! also did a double take to find the cat in the pic!

I love the blog book idea... im going to look into it! thanks!

I enjoy finding old photos of others... not me, unless Im skinny in them!!

So I've been silently stalking you and reading all your old post... I really read them because I thought. "If i am laughing this much at her comments, i could only imagine what her post would be like!" ... They are very healing for me!

FYI: I love cougar football too! but only in the past couple years... when i lived in utah i was a Ute fan! but now that i have cousins that play for the Y, we cheer them on!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Barbaloot I suppose we can still be friends even if you don't like cats.

Mel- I agree it is totally too bad that all of my pictures are not digitized, yet. Someday if I live long enough.

T you are too funny. I love teen code. (sarcasm) How is it I am the only one who can see the cat? Do you think I have special powers.

Iwa- welcome from the darkside of lurking. You are too sweet to think that my comments are funny and even more so to say it out loud. I can't beleive you are related to BYU football players. Can I touch you?

Kris said...

The best kids, cats, dogs, me are all asleep. I take lots of sleeping photos.