Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nothing to say

I am tired of looking at my Christmas post, so I suppose that it must be time to put something new up.  Problem is, I really don't have anything to say. 

I spent the month of January working pretty much non stop, including one week where I worked 86 hours.  This is excessive to say the less.  But the overtime was nice on the pay check.  And that was working 7 days that week, so that is not as bad as squeezing it all into 5 days.  Although there does come a point where you wonder if productivity doesn't take a nose dive.  Just sayin.  All the craziness is over for six more months, and really the summer part of this part time job, is not as intense as the January part.  So here is to what doesn't kill you to making you stronger.  Although I don't really feel any stronger.  I feel kind of empty and exhausted.  Every time I sit down, I fall asleep.  But perhaps I will regain some of my energy and enthusiasm for blogging.

It is kind of strange to try and return to normal life of driving kids around, making dinner, and cleaning.  One can get kind of used to just running to the nearest fast food when you are in survival mode.  So I am trying to remember just what did I used to make for dinner.  It is a mystery to me.

I keep saying think of the money and time we could save if we just gave up this obsession with eating every single day.  But no one every listens to me.  And if we gave up eating, I wouldn't need to spend any time concerned with food storage or case lot sales.  I think we should all embrace a grass roots program to embrace fasting 7 days a week.  Who's with me?