Sunday, July 1, 2007

Time in Texas

Life in Houston is definitely interesting. I have not really experienced humidity before, other than the two weeks we spent in DC four years ago. I guess I can now better appreciate what people are talking about when they say that Vegas has dry heat. My sister says that the humidity is great for your skin, and I would have to say I have not needed much lotion or even chapstick since I have been here. That is a bit odd, not needing chapstick. I wonder if my body was lacking in moisture and has been taking in as much of it as possible. The temperature here is not as hot as Vegas and that is nice, but the humidity is not really fun either.
It has been so fun to hold and play with my sister's baby. The baby is seven weeks old. Diana is quite good at babysitting and has changed her first diaper. She still thinks changing diapers is fun and offers to help if she is anywhere around when the changing happens. Diana is also quite good at holding the baby and putting the pacifier back in. She has been loving the chance to be around such a tiny baby.
Diana has also been a big help with my other neice who is 2. Diana loves chasing her around and spinning her around by her arms. She is also a pro at putting her cousin into her car seat and buckling her up. My sister will miss that extra help when we are gone. But maybe my neice will enjoy it when life is a bit calmer.
We haven't done any thing too exciting. Life with two small children is a bit hectic. Yesterday got a bit crazy. We invited a girl over that Diana met at activity days. My cousin is moving to Texas and she arrived in town yesterday also. Our cousin is moving in just 5 mins away from my sister and so my sister was helping her yesterday afternoon. Just as this little girl came over to play, my sister was trying to call people to help our cousin unload. Fianally my sister left to go over to my cousin's new apartment for just a little while. This left me with 4 little girls. At one point Diana spotted a tiny poodle walking by the front door. Before I knew what had happened, the door was open and all the girls besides the baby that I was holding, were outside petting the dog. The lady walking the dog looked at all these girls and asked if they were all mine. She seemed to be saying "Oh my, don't you have your hands full." I smiled and replied that "No, just one of them was mine and that I was babysitting the rest of them." It seemed like the phone kept ringing at the same time as all the rest of the things were happening. It was very crazy trying to keep the older ones entertained, keep the two year old out of trouble, and keep the baby pacified until her mother/dinner returned. In fact it almost seemed like something out of the movie Mister Mom where everything in the house goes wrong at the same time. My sister's husband returned from a two day trip in the middle of all of this. I think he was a bit surprised at the pandamonium. Oh well we survived and I can say that I am glad that I do not have 4 girls, 9 and under.
We are not sure how long we will be staying. We may stay for a whole nother week and they fly right to Pheonix for my husband's family get together. The whole month of July is going to be completely crazy with a trip to somewhere different planned for each weekend. I hope I am ready for all the running around.

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