Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camping Cutie

A couple of weeks ago Diana and I went to the ward camp out. The boys thought about coming, but it was going to require so much more effort, that I wasn't sad when they decided to just stay home.

I kept debating about staying home myself, and finally at 4 o'clock I started throwing things in the car. A quick stop at the grocery store and Subway for a $5 dollar sub to split for dinner, and we were on our way.

It was in the 90's and I did not adequately prepare for how cold it would be up on Mount Charleston. As soon as we got there, I had to change to long pants and three shirts. Later I was sad that I forgot my hand warmers. But I survived.

Diana had a blast running around with the other kids, most of whom were boys. There were several different fire pits and at one point most of the adults were gathered at one, and the kids built up a huge bon fire at another fire pit. Finally some responsible adult noticed it and put a stop to the piling on of wood. It was quite a "Lord of the Flies" moment. What is it with boys and fire?

Look at the cool shot of Diana in the tree by the camp site. Such a Kodak moment.

Most of the group went on a hike, but I stayed back at camp. Diana found this awesome pine branch and brought it back for me. Looks like I am rubbing off on her and she is seeing "Y"s everywhere.

Here is a close up of the "Y" trophy. Thanks Diana, I loved it.

And what camp out would be complete with out a rock collection, that somehow is so valuable it can not be left on the mountain. Many of them are shaped like hearts, which of course can not be resisted.

Many of the people in our ward have RV's and camp trailers. Usually Jared puts a tent up for me, but this time we decided to just sleep in the van. I took my camp cot and laid it out over the seats. Then I filled in the gap between the seats so Diana could sleep next to me.

And finally a photo demonstrating "How many Elders does it take to back out a trailer?" Answer: However many are in the vicinity. This seems to be a male magnet kind of thing, that attracts everyone and their opinions.
All in all it was great fun. And so easy. I never even took anything out of the car. Maybe some day, I will have a RV, until then my van will be a good substitute.


Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm sure Diana will remember it forever with great fondness!

Kris said...

Wow, perfect camping, no great effort to get ready to go and to just get in the car to go home. I'm glad you had fun.

Marjorie said...

Looks like you had great fun. I especially like the low impact cooking concept. No stress! No mess! So Perfect!

And I loved the pic of Diana perched in the tree. Awesome picture! You should make it into a poster for her room.

April said...

I'm glad you went! What great memories!

Anjeny said...

Now, that's my kinda camping..except the cold part that is. You should see the way they do camp here...loads and loads of stuff taken to the campsite that it's basically work. It's almost as though they just pack up their house and move to a different location to hang out for a week. I don't know why people always go all out on simple stuff here in Hawaii.

Anywho...I love your camping trip. Diana looked like she had a lot of fun and so did you. Glad it was an easy outing for you.

Smart Helm said...

Smart thinking with the van. I'm kinda sad I missed out, but not too sad. I never stay the night anyways cuz I'm just not the camping type :-) Glad u had fun!

I bring home rocks too. Haven't u seen my collection outside? ie, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with keeping pretty rocks.

Eliza said...

Love the "Y"! I think the trip to BYU football practice has rubbed off on Diana.

I'm glad that you went, and that you made it so low stress. Diana will treasure the memories.

Shawna said...

how cool is the Y! Diana is totally following in her mother's footsteps.