Thursday, December 3, 2009

Talk about inflation

I seriously don't know why posting has been so difficult for me lately. I can post like no body's business in other people's comment boxes. Perhaps I get it out of my system and have nothing left to say here. I could just post links to the witty and entertaining posts I have made all over blog land, but alas I lack the energy or initiative to do that.

I could write about how I have finally been fired for coming out of the closet on my stand against gay marriage. After a briefish mourning period, I have come to realize that I must forgive this injustice and trust that it is all for the best and couldn't possibly be any better. (Thanks Fiddler on the Roof for that little lesson) There are other jobs in the sea and in fact I already do have several other people who want my help. It is just sad to leave a place that I enjoyed working for and knew all about, having been through everything three times. Que sera sera.

I could write about how the evidence that I am losing my mind is beginning to stack up. For instance a week or two ago, I drove Diana to the store after I had taken my sleeping medicine. That lesson on "Don't' be stupid" only cost me $350 for new tires when I drove into the curb going pretty fast on the way home, causing Diana to scream "We're going to die."

Another choice piece of evidence would be that my water was turned off yesterday for about 6 hours. This was due to the fact that when I paid my bills online last month I actually entered the amount from the cable bill to be paid to the water company. This amount was $59 less than the total bill, and apparently the water company takes these things personally and seriously. I have never paid a bill late in 12 years, you would have think they could have given me a little more grace period than two weeks. And it was extremely naive of them to assume that the note at the top of my bill telling me that my water would be turned off if I didn't pay up by November 30th would be read by me. Who reads the fine print on their bills? People who want to have to be bothered with the hassles of indoor plumbing such as dishes, laundry, showers, and flushing toilets. Jared lucked out and was out of the shower in time before they came and installed the padlock at 6:40am. Crazy thing was the balance and new bill amount were scheduled to be paid online that very night. I missed it by that much, so to say.

But the thing I was really going to post about was watching the Brady Bunch marathon on Thanksgiving Day. Seriously, no need for any pie after all the syrupy happy endings. Which worked out well because we didn't really celebrate until Saturday and so I didn't even make any pies.

When I stumbled upon the Brady clan, they came out of the gas station with sodas after filling up the car with gas. I immediately pegged it as the ghost town episode. I am very proud of my Brady Bunch trivia knowledge, I spent lots of years rotting my brain on that stuff. (I can name that episode in 7 seconds.)

The thing that made me do a double take was when Mike Brady said "How much do I owe you for the drinks and gas?" And the guy said "That'll be $6.40." Are you kidding me? $6.40 for a tank of gas and 9 sodas? What the What? The same thing today for that many kids would be about $80. And of course they couldn't all pile into the station wagon today, because there weren't seat belts for every one. Those were the days my friends, I thought they'd never end.

Once they left and returned to get Alice from the bathroom, they were off to the ghost town doing their best Pirates of the Caribbean impression trying to get the dog to give them the key. Oh yes, that episode is a classic.

But better yet is the Hawaii episode. That came on later in the day. Another classic. Nothing like a curse to spread some exciting events into a three part episode. I think I can even remember watching that live and having to wait for each Friday night to find out what would happen. I hate cliff hangers to this day and the Brady Bunch may be to blame.

So until I post again, hope you are all coping with the holiday stress. I am hoping to stay in denial about there even being such a thing as Christmas for at least another month. Wish me luck.


Barbaloot said...

Oh-I would've loved to watch a Brady Bunch marathon! I didn't know it was on. I can "name that episode in 7 seconds" with Saved by the Bell:)

Good to see you on here again---and I'm glad you have your water back.

And I'm REALLY glad BYU beat Utah!

Homer and Queen said...

You rock!

Emily said...

Seriously, Life is Wicked Crazy, and just when you feel like you know what's happening, you don't.
I'm right there with you.

Kristina P. said...

Is Nevada an at-will State? I don't even know how this is legal!!

Eliza said...

Sorry you got canned, but so proud of you for standing up for yourself.

I can totally picture the drama in the car with Diana yelling "We're going to die"! Hee hee, it makes me giggle, sorry.

T said...

Brady Bunch is good for what ails you :)

sorry about the job issue - I have LOTS to say about how unfair/illegal/immoral/etc... those guys are that let you go over this, but this is a family blog :)

Kris said...

I was checking your blog every day to see if you had posted, until Wed, and of course you posted days ago now.

Good Luck on denying Christmas. My moto is to do whatever brings you joy and helps you feel the spirit and forget the rest!!!

Terresa said...

Mmmm, holiday stress. Although I'm not hitting curbs (yet), we are going "dark" this Christmas, as in not hanging Christmas lights on the exterior of our home. Just one more "to do" that just isn't happening here.

PS: Just realized, I think we're bloggy neighbors (I'm a Vegas native & resident!). Small world!

April said...

Sound like you've had an AWESOME time {insert sarcasm here}. It's good to have you back posting in blogland. Now I just need to get my butt back in gear!

Smart Helm said...

I too am in denial about Christmas, until the submittal goes in. Then it will be a flurry of craziness until I get home for Christmas... Oh sweet release!

BTW, thanks so much for listening to me complaining when u've had ur share of ickyness. We must stick together!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I use to love the brady I see it and think, why?

I'm sorry you were sacked from you job. It's hard sometimes doing what we think is right. I mean, THEY take a stand...right? Why can't we?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Aw shucks, I missed the Brady Bunch marathon! I lubbed the Hawaii episode too. The cursed tiki, right?

Did you know that Bobby Brady is my 2nd cousin. Yes, it's true. His brother, Todd, who was way cuter, used to show up to family reunions, but I guess Mike was too busy being a Brady to be a Dummy.

How was your Chirstmas? LUB YOU! And MISS YOU!