Monday, June 28, 2010

Three White Suits

Nineteen years ago, we took this cherubic, cherished
young man to the Logan Temple.
Together we knelt at the alter,
and a worker brought Trent
in, and set him up next to us.
When he saw us, he gave us a
grin as wide as the Grand Canyon.
Together, dressed in white, we made
covenants to be a forever family.
 A precious day, never
to be forgotten.
A day dreams came true.
Last Friday, we took this very same young man
to the Las Vegas Temple.
This time it was so he could
make covenants of his own.
 Another precious day,
never to be forgotten.
Another day dreams came true.

The years have changed each of us a bit.
In so many ways it seems impossible
that he is not the sweet little cuddly baby of
nineteen years ago.
Where have the years gone?

Eleven years ago, was another day for covenants
and dressing in white.
As a parent, there is no greater joy
than to see your children walk in truth.
I loved seeing my husband looking so happy
with his arm around his son,
as he escorted him around the temple.

You can't always have what you want,
but sometimes you can.

For that I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven.


Allison Barnes said...

make me cry... how wonderful!!

Marjorie said...

I cried too! Awesome! What a wonderful payday!!!!!

Saimi said...

Beautiful, absolutly beautiful!
He's going to make a fine missionary indeed

April said...

We went on Saturday with our boy. It makes all the tough times worth it. Congrats to you! :)

Jennifer said...

Wish I could have been there, so proud of you Trentster!! What great pictures!! Love you!

T said...

love the photos! so... all the insanity is worth it I hear? I'm going to have to trust you on that and let the boys live to 19.

Emily said...

Wonderful post. Things to remember and look forward to in the crazy years ahead.

Stephanie Bishop said...

What a blessed day for you and Marion and how lucky I am to know you and be strengthened by your example of strength through trials. He is such a handsome and wonderful MAN! As soon as he gets to FL, I am connecting him with my nephew.

Congratulations to you!

Barbaloot said...

That's so wonderful---thank you for sharing it with us! What a lucky guy he is to have you for parents.

farmgirl said...

Great post! ....sniff...I'm trying really hard NOT to think about the boy that lives with me that will be turning 15 in August. How can this be? I remember when Trent was born....sheesh!

Jen plus 5 said...

Sent you an email

we need the farewell details to figure out if we can come or not.



The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness! That is awesome. I lub your hair long. You look great. Congrats! Soooo, is he in the MTC?

I'm so happy for you, Pat. I have missed you, girlfriend.

mn_cnking said...

Dear Hamster, I must say I am getting tried of the #15. Please change this # to 16. Thank you