Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you ready for some Football?

 I was just going about my day today, when I happened to see an email from my bank.  This email was announcing the fact that Deseret First Credit Union was holding a contest that would award the winner with two tickets to the BYU - Utah game in September.  This is what the email asked "Are you the world's biggest fan of BYU or the University of Utah? Let everyone know on Deseret First's Facebook page! "

Well, hello, any contest looking for the biggest BYU fan is definitely one for me.  And then for the prize to be BYU football tickets, well that was a no brainer.  I mean it does seem like I may have a slight unfair advantage, given my stalking skills and relentless quest for all things BYU football. 

I immediately scanned through my memory and photo folders to find the perfect picture.  The only problem is which ONE to choose.  Really, why wouldn't they allow me to submit my entire BYU football portfolio?  I even have a published book, remember?  Because seriously if it was about quantity, I think I could win that contest.

Asking me to pick my favorite BYU football picture, is like asking me to pick my favorite child.  So not fair, and actually quite impossible.  But if I wanted to enter, then one picture had to be picked.  I choose this one, because who can compete with a magical Turkey bone found in my Thanksgiving turkey, predicting the successful win for BYU against Utah that year?

To make me feel a little bit better, I thought I would post some of the runner's up here, since I have no limit on pictures posted on my blog.

I could have chosen this adorable picture of me with the cheerleaders.  I mean, just so you know, I am the second one from right.  You wouldn't have found me otherwise, I am sure.

 I could have chosen this one of me sporting the hat with the cougar coming out of it.  And me training up Diana in the ways of loving BYU football.
 This could have been a good one since it is with Ross Apo, who is destined to catch some great ones this season.  Someday this will be a very famous picture and it would have been very current.

 I don't think anyone could argue with the fanatical part of this fan picture.  And check out the score on the screen in the background.
 This was actually my runner up picture.  I love this family Christmas card picture of forced fanaticism.  I mean the look on my teenage boys faces is just priceless.  My husband steered me away from this picture as I don't think he was comfortable with his picture being in a contest.  But then maybe he shouldn't have signed the release form.
 This was a possibility because there is no denying my excitement over my 2009 Las Vegas Bowl tickets.

 Or this one taken at the actual bowl game might have been a good choice as well.  This was the coldest games known to man, but I am so happy I went, as BYU will most likely never play in the Vegas bowl again.

 This one could have been a good one also.  I mean it is hard to compete with the face of BYU football for so many years.  It is my facebook picture by the way.  Most people probably think it is me with my grandfather.  But No, that would be me harassing the youth conference speaker before he went up to speak.
This is a great one of me with some of my best blogging friends, April, Tonya, and Barb.  So fun when blog world meets real world.
 Here I am with Bryan Karia and April doing her best "Sound of Music, cuckoo clock dance" impression.  Bryan should have an awesome season this year.

 Here is another one proving my biggest fan status.  Need I say more.

Here I am with McKay Jacobson and my stalking book after the Football fireside in Las Vegas October 2010.  I didn't get to go to the game because I had to go to Seattle so Jared could get his patriarchal blessing, but I made it to the fireside anyway.
This is a nice one of Denis Pitta and I after the football fireside in Payson before the UCLA game in Provo September 2009.
This one really is one of my all time favorites, as it was my first stalking picture.  Kind of like your oldest child.  I have to admit that it makes me kind of giggle every time I see it.  It was taken at the UNLV fireside in October 2007.  I remember leaving the fireside and all these guys were hanging around waiting for the bus.  So I just said "Hey everyone! Gather around the crazy old lady who loves BYU football"  Most of these players have graduated, but just behind me to the left is a freshman James Lark, who is a back up quarterback.
After my picture with the players, I was thrilled beyond words to see Bronco and his wife speaking for a few minutes before Bronco got on the bus.  I don't know if pictures like this happen as much any more because Bronco's popularity has grown so much.  I love this picture.

Now I could have gone on for days talking about my pictures and who I have stalked and when and where.  My pictures are rather exhaustive.  But these were some of the best ones.  I know there are other people whose passion for BYU football is equal to mine, but there is no denying that I am a true Cougar, through and through.

I have been through some difficult times in the past 4 years, and yet BYU football has always been there for me, and at times when nothing else could, has put a smile on my face without fail.  BYU football I thank you for that.  Here is to many more good times to come.  And who knows some day, my dream of having a poster in the locker room that warns players to watch out for me, well it may just come true.  Stranger things have happened.


Barbaloot said...

You should definitely win! I love that picture of the four of us---one of the first times I've met up with blogging friends:)

Next time you do a crazy stalking event in Provo I need to tag along. Those footballers are cute!! And only a few years younger than me...

Marjorie said...

You definitely have my vote! It is fun to watch you be so passionate about BYU football. You do have a knack for getting the best photos.

Smart Helm said...

I like the picture in front of the TV :-) Good luck!

Garden of Egan said...

You are definitely the funniest!
I hope that Deseret First picks the truest of winners and that would be YOU.
Totally devoted.

April said...

I voted! Even though I think you family Christmas pic is hysterical! :)