Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Night Under the Stars

Try not to die of shock, but I actually have some blog worthy events to report. And so after you pick yourself up off the floor, you can check out these pictures.

First of all, remember this picture from three years ago? Yes those were some scary times. I was looking through some old photos and even reading some old blog posts, and well that was certainly a memorable time in my life. I am so happy that I recorded so much of the details and can go back and read them. Go figure I had managed to forget about the blood clot scare after the hip replacement surgery. Good, good times people, NOT. But it made me realize how much I take for granted how healthy Jared has become.

Yes we have come along way from hospital beds to this fine looking specimen of a young man:
It is almost inconceivable to think how worried I was that a day like today would never happen. Perhaps there is something to that whole opposition thing. In that when you get what you never thought would happen, does it make it seem all the sweeter? I don't know, but today was a day I had always hoped and dreamed would become a reality. And I am extremely grateful that we both lived to see such a happy event as a Mormon Formal.
Here he is waiting for the bedecking of the flowers.

I think wrist corsages are the only way to go. Really avoids some awkward moments.

And it was a two person job to get his boutonniere pinned in place. Finally his date's mom managed to get it on there.
And here is the happy couple. Check out her dress? Isn't it gorgeous? She really wanted purple and found this perfect dress at the dress exchange. Can I just tell you about the pressure of choosing a vest at the tux shop? Gosh I am so relieved that it actually went well together. Mother blunder averted. Whew!
And a closer up one where you can see their adorable faces. Their group had planned to go to a park and take pictures, but the weather decided that it was still winter and it was cold and windy and then it rained cats and dogs, so they had to go to plan B which was the public library.There is an art gallery at the public library which included this rather interesting colorful cow.

Now who doesn't need their picture taken with a cow like that?Because the light was so bad inside, they did brave the rain and go out for one quick shot, umbrellas and all.

Jared and Bailey had left their umbrella in the car, you can see the rain drops on her dress but it dried soon enough. They are standing next to their good friends Tori and Tanner.
This is the group shot of all the kids from our ward. Eighteen in all, quite a large group.Nice face Jared, way to stand out in a crowd.

Here are Tanner, Tori, Jake, Katie, Jared, and Bailey.

Here Jared is showing just how thrilled he was to have his mother come to the picture taking ceremony. As if there was really any other way it would turn out. Has he met me?

And here is a little bit better one, I took with my own trusty arms length method. Too bad I was so busy getting him ready to be able to put any make up on myself.

You can imagine my disappointment (and Jared's relief) that I wasn't needed as a chaperon so I had to come home after the pictures. I would have loved to tag along for the whole evening. Not a popular idea with my kid.

All in all it seemed very successful. It is his first big dance and I am glad that he got to join his friends for one last hurrah before they all graduate and go their separate ways. He has been very fortunate to have such a great group of friends. Most of them all played soccer together throughout middle school and then there have been scout camps and just generally lots of fun times together through the years.

Goodnight kids,

Have fun storming the castle!


Jen said...

Love love love it! Such a cutie!

Smart Helm said...

Hey I know that cow! Such fun kids... and such a fun mom :)

Marjorie said...

What fun! Jared, you are soooo handsome! Glad to be able to have a peek at your pictures and imagine how much fun it must have been for you! Bailey's cute too!!

Barbaloot said...

The arms-length shot is great. You both look wonderful:) I love that there are Mormon Proms out there. Being from Utah---my regular Prom was basically a Mormon Prom:) But I know my cousins from other states really enjoyed them.

Allison Barnes said...

Great pics! I was helping with a formal dinner, so I didn't get any pictures of Mitchell and his date... hopefully her mom did. It sounds like a fun night!

farmgirl said...

Love it! What a handsome fellow.
I love happy blog worthy events! Looks like so much fun, really though, too bad you couldn't of chaperoned--could of taken the blogging to a whole new level. :o)

mn_cnking said...

Not only would it have taken blogging to a whole new level but they would not have gotten away with one thing that evening with the supper (I received all my training at BYU Football) mom in charge.