Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Graduate

 Jared graduated from High School back in June.  At the last minute, we were able to get his senior pictures taken.  They turned out so amazingly wonderful.  I was very happy.  My friend took them and made up his senior announcement.  Just for fun, I had her make one up with a baby picture and one from when he was 3 years old.  I think that announcement is so precious.  It makes me want to cry for what an adorable baby he was to now the young man he has grown up to be.  How does this happen?  Where has the time gone?  Sunrise, sunset, yadda, yadda.  You know. 

 But this other announcement was also quite awesome, and this is the one we copied and sent out to everyone.  I really liked it just as much as the other one.
 Here are some of the proofs from his photo shoot.  My friend has such an amazing eye and I think all of these pictures were amazing.  The photographer had to lay on the ground to get this shot.  Way to sacrifice for your work!
 I love the way the light makes the leaves look on this tree.  I don't think they even looked this green at the time in person.
 As the photographer was having Jared pose in different ways, he was getting tired a bit and so he made this loveable face and she snapped a shot of it.  I love it because it captures so much of his personality.

 Finally it was the big day.   As I sat in the audience and watched Jared walk across the stage with out even a limp, I was overcome with gratitude.  Four years ago, I would not have thought this day was possible.  The fact that he could make up a whole year of high school was incredible.  And to look at him now, you would never guess that he almost died or that he has a metal hip.  To think back to the days when I wondered if he would ever have a normal life again, and to see that yes,  he will go on and have every opportunity, well it brings tears to my eyes.  It was one of those days, when you can look back on a trial and see that it really all did work out, despite how dark some of those days were.  I know that we don't all get to have those times when we come out of the darkness into the light, but this was one of those days for me, and I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father for such a blessing.
Here is the proud mother shot! 

Here he is with Tanner Senecal, Tori Patterson, and Jake McDonald.   These are kids from the ward that he has grown up with.  He played soccer with all of them for several years.  And it has been fun to see them all grow up over the years.

My sister and her husband were on their way home from Hawaii to Utah and were able to stop by for a few hours and make the graduation.  So fun to have family with flight benefits. :)
And here is a shot of the moms.  I love these gals so much.  We have shared so many things together while our kids have grown up.  Whether it was soccer games,  orchestra concerts, dance festivals, trick or treating, or just going to church every Sunday together.  They are my Vegas family and I couldn't survive living in Vegas with out them.

And here is one shot of the family.  Trent wasn't home yet, so it is just the four of us.  Too bad we didn't turn so that we didn't all have to squint, but at least you can see what we look like.

So for those of you keeping score at home, that is two kids graduated, one to go.  I hope I can endure to the end of this educational process.  I am kind of wearing out.  I know that is wimpy of me, and those of you with more kids are shaking your heads saying she has it easy.   I just feel a little bit worn out, that is all I am saying.  But on the bright side, I get a year off from high school, so that is something, I suppose.


farmgirl said...

HippHippHooray!! I'm so excited you updated!! I've missed you!
I'm so glad you got to enjoy the light and happiness this graduation brought you...I really do like you, ya know. I'm sure lucky we're family...and friends.

p.s. I can't believe I missed you guys! I can't even remember where we were the night of the Riverdale party, but I heard you were there and I was BUMMED,

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Mary Ann, I know it is so sad that we missed each other. Who knows when I will get up there again. Rhonda even got me in the river. Not quite sure how that happened, but it was fun other than the part where I fell off my tube going over the smallish waterfall. I bounced around the rocks like a ping pong ball, and got some good bruises to show for it. That should be a post if I can keep it up.

Smart Helm said...

Congrats to Jared! I love all the pictures. Just wait till their all out of the house :)

So glad u posted!

Barbaloot said...

Hooray---your name is in bold in my blog reader:) Congrats to the graduate and to you as well!! Can't wait to catch up with the rest of your adventures.