Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

We celebrated  Christmas again this year.  It was strange to think that
Jared will be gone for the next two years and with Trent 
joining the National Gaurd who knows if he will get to
come home next year.  It made me think that this was the LAST 
Christmas and well that was kind of sad.  Not that you don't want your kids
to grow up, but well when it happens it seems kind of shocking.

Here is a shot of Diana posing as if she were sleeping under the tree.
Here I am experimenting with my self timer on the camera of my phone.
I love the view of my tree from the ground.  It seems to go on up forever.
And here is the view from the front. Thanks to Pinterest I used the huge, ginormous metal
star from the front of my house as the top of my tree.  It is kind of amazing.
When you work at a Christmas store, this is the kind of tree you end up having.
Hard to believe that I got the tree for free a few years ago because someone just needed
it out of their showroom.  I never though I would have a such a beautiful tree.
Jared got things for his mission like Rosetta Stone for Spanish and a GPS.  He is 
rather dependent on the GPS on his phone and so I was a bit worried to send 
him off into the world without a GPS.  He also got a few other mission related items.

Diana got her dream camera and a tall tripod to boot.  She was very happy about it.
Last year I got a short tripod which was a fail on my part.  Lucky girl.
Trent got a laptop.  Lucky lucky boy!
We also managed to make some candy and enough treats to keep everyone in
a sugar coma for a few weeks.
All in all it was a very nice time and if it was our last Christmas we can say it was a good one.


Garden of Egan said...

I love a post about Christmas in April.

Your tree is beautiful. Love the big metal star.

Looks like they totally made a haul.

Smart Helm said...

A agree with Garden of Egan... Christmas in April = awesome. Great job of taking pictures!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks you two. I didn't think anyone would even read this, but I wanted to get it in here for my records. :)

I am glad you think Christmas in April is great.