Monday, April 30, 2007

Tooth Fairy makes a comeback!

Diana lost her second tooth in as many weeks. What are the odds of loosing two teeth in a row on Sunday? Two weeks ago the tooth fairy was a no show, and boy did she hear about it. This was due in part to exhaustion and in part a temporary cash flow shortage. My kids always clean me out of cash as fast as I ever get it, and how was I to know she was going to loose her tooth that day? The tooth fairy did suffer from extreme guilt feelings of failure, but both the disappointed tooth looser and the guilt ridden tooth fairy did manage to go on living. This time the tooth fairy was fortunate enough to have both the funds and the memory to perform her duties adequately. I know it is hard to see in this picture taken on Jared's phone (the only digital camera in the house) but she is now missing a tooth on either side of her two top front teeth. She says her teacher calls it a window when you loose one tooth, but it is a garage when you loose two teeth. What do you call it when you loose all your marbles?

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peacekeeper said...

I think you call it Motherhood. She looks cute with her windows. We can't wait to see you guys and Raeley is excited to play with your toothless wonder!