Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The BYU Bookstore is Evil

While we were in Utah, Diana requested that we take another trip to the BYU bookstore. I told her that financial times being what they are, we would not be buying as much stuff as we did last time we went in April. She said "Fine."

Once we were there, I was bombarded with many requests to look at this, and what about that. I stayed firm, repeating over and over the word "NO".

Finally we ended up downstairs looking at the pictures. She was so excited to find some of the small pictures of Christ that she didn't have yet for her collection on her bedroom door. This is where the brick wall of my resolve began to crack. OK , I said, just a couple of them. They were only fifty cents after all.

We then found some great Simon Dewey and Liz Lemon calendars that were on clearance for $1. I am hoping to cut the pictures out and frame them for my living room wall. Pretty inexpensive, huh.

And then the book section. We stumbled onto a shelf of American girl books. Diana picked out about six of them and I made her narrow it down to three. One was a book of puzzles that I hoped would keep her occupied. One was a book of hair styles with pictures giving directions on how to achieve total adorableness. A must have for sure. And the last was a book of little notes that you can fill in and give to friends. So hard to say No to books.

And so with all these treasures we went to check out. Imagine my dismay when the total came to $50. The brick wall had crumbled like a sand castle during high tide at the beach. I then said to the sales clerk "This place is evil." To which he responded with "I've never heard that before. I will have to pass that on to my supervisor." He even chuckled.

With that, I adopted the mantra of "Don't look back" and "Run Away, Run Away."

We left that place like Lot leaving Sodom. Diana tried to do her best imitation of Lot's wife by looking back and pointing out other tempting things.

At least we passed up the delicious over priced ice cream in the food court. Instead we went to Macy's. Man that place is addicting.

Later as I was telling my sister about the regret I felt at over spending, Diana said to me "Mom, don't you know, Jesus is priceless?" Does she know how to work the system or what?

Yes, dear, Jesus is priceless. Sigh.


T said...

your daughter hit the nail on the head... Jesus is Priceless...

But, not to add more reasons that BYU is evil... but I always laughed out loud whenever I saw one of those lovely "cougar pride" bumper stickers when I was there... I always wanted to add a little "pride is of the devil" sticker right next to it :) (but I only actually added that phrase if the sticker was on someone's notebook... once.)

disclaimer: I am a 100% BYU fan... really - I just can't pass up a good funny moment!

T said...

first twice in one day? I'm taking it as a good omen!

Barbaloot said...

That place really is evil! I always get stuck looking at the clothes. You'd think a bookstore wouldn't charge so much for a cute skirt!!

I'm impressed you by-passed the horrible fudge counter. And I never even go downstairs. There's no way I'd come out alive.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

T I didn't say BYU is evil, just the bookstore. But your point is funny and well taken.

Barb, I know that candy counter is even more evil than the bookstore.

Smart Helm said...

ANY bookstore is evil. For me anyways. I walked through that bookstore almost every day and EVERY day I would have to stop and look at the discounted books. Good thing while I was there they only discounted dumb ones nobody wanted.

Jesus is priceless.... just not his picture :-)

Kris said...

Yes, Jeses is priceless, for everything else there is the debt He told us to avoid.

I am not one to talk, I just returned from a $130 trip to Fred MEyer for "just a couple of thinks" I think taking kids shopping is evil.

Homer and Queen said...

I am so inpressed you passed on the candy counter!! I also love the clothes, very expensive! I always spend a mint in there! Run away, run away! My all time favorite movie!!!

Homer and Queen said...

I'm going to miss you in Dallas...I really wanted to take you!

April said...

One more reason why Queen cracks me up....my favorite movie!!! And one more reason why you are in
T-R-O-U-B-L-E NHC!!!