Friday, July 17, 2009

War Update

I thought some of you might be wondering about the ant situation. Just for the record, I am loosing some battles, but I WILL win the war. I hope the ants are reading this and get discouraged. It would be just like them to be taking advantage of my wi/fi for free.

I do appreciate every one's good advice. I also like to suck them up into the vacuum cleaner. That was what happened to many of the ants in the following pictures. I may still give and get a bug man, but for now I think I am making progress.

These pictures were taken after the big battle at Kitchen Table. Some scouts found a bag of snacks we were silly enough to leave out. The ants established an overland route that went from a window through the game room, across the kitchen and an all out assault was launched on the table.

When I redo my kitchen floor it will not be white, that way their little dead carcases can blend in better. And just so you know real ants were harmed in the filming of this documentation.

OK this one is the worst. Look at them just passing by the ant trap. I swear I can see them all with their fingers in their ears saying "You can't catch us, nani nani boo boo to you." They are getting pretty cheeky for the few battles they have won.

This morning the little buggers were determined to take the dishwasher. So I struck back by going to Wal Mart and purchasing three different kinds of poison. And then I came home and unleashed my weapons of mass destruction. This included turning on the dishwasher while yelling "Die you little devils, die"

I am happy to report there were no survivors. We will see what tomorrow brings, but I am confident that the tide has turned in my favor.

ps. Can you tell Jared is gone to scout camp? I am getting so much more computer time that I am posting like crazy.


Barbaloot said...

I'll be honest-we finally broke down and had some bug people come. You can only take seeing ants all over your living room so many times before you crack!

Smart Helm said...

Good Luck once again. I have to admit, I'd rather have an ant problem than a dumb roach problem! I think all 3 of my wall neighbors use a bug man so they come over to me although I almost EVERY WEEK. I might have to cave as well.
Um.. not that all my comments are about me :-) See u soon!

Emily Nice said...

aren't they all God's creatures. Live and let live I say.... for ants that is not roaches. Also I'm saying this cause its your house and not mine. I would have to forgo my organic nature if it was my house, but i would feel bad while i was at it so that should count for something :)

Dennis and Diana said...

They must have seen a bugs live and got couragous to come out is such numbers. In our family Dennis is the ant and I am the grasshopper. Does that mean something? Just that I'm the one who plays all summer and he's hard at work.

Homer and Queen said...

You killer!!! Doesn't it feel good? hehehehehe

April said...

WOW! That IS a lot of ants! I would have called the bug guy long ago! I give you an "A+" for persistence!

Carrot Jello said...

Tero + windex + caulk = happiness.

Eliza said...

Wow, keep up the fight. Your day will come! Stay strong!