Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Look

One of the advantages of my working for RAZ, was the opportunity to spend my paycheck on the samples that they moved out to make room for the new stuff. They sold off the samples at 75% off of wholesale. This was ridiculously irresistible. And so now my house has had a total make over.

Here is my new front porch. I am so in love with the bicycle. When I worked there last January, I saw it but it was not for sale. Imagine my glee when it was for sale this time. Originally, it was $108 so that meant I paid $27 dollars for it. Are you kidding me? It was really beyond ridiculous, how much stuff I brought home.

Here is a close up of the cheery wreath that now graces my front door.

And here is a close up of the bicycle. I already had the milk can, but it has been empty for the past four years. Now it is overflowing with color. And the sweet little frogs. How adorable are they? The only sad thing is I park in the garage and so I don't get to see this every time I come home. Still I do go out and admire it when I get the mail.

Next my entry at the bottom of my stairs. I already had the table, but all of the rest is new.
I love the wreath stand and all the bird nests. It makes me smile every time I walk down my stairs.
And how much do I love this birdhouse? Too much. And the suitcase it is sitting on, now holds the Nintendo 64, which is very old, but somehow we can not live with out it. Now it is no longer an eyesore next to my TV.
Next we move to the top of my entertainment system in my family room. The best thing about this, is that my friend, neighbor and co worker helped me put this all together. One night after work, we started tying different things. I was able to see how it looked and take things out and put things in, until I got it just right. I love the yellow watering can. My husband does not really like the rooster, but he said he will live with it. I still need to go to Michaels or JoAnns with a coupon to get some candles for my candlesticks. I looked at Target, but the candles were $6 each. How could I get six dollar candles for my three dollar candle sticks. Seriously.
I love this little shelf which is holding my new bird collection.
And I love this bird house also. And another suitcase to hide videos or a game system. I think all the PSP paraphernalia might go nicely in here.
And so of course all of this bee-ut-iful stuff is going to require painting the room. And sadly the rooms in my house are all kind of connected so that means we have to paint the family room, kitchen, living room, hallways, and so on. I really don't know where it will end. Wasn't there a Brady Bunch episode where Carol wanted to paint her bedroom, but then it was going to require new drapes, and the hall, and furniture, and on and on.
I have not managed to choose a paint color yet. Although I have managed to spend a lot of money on paint samples. There is even more that I didn't take pictures of, for some strange reason.
All in all, it is amazing how new things in your house can improve your disposition.
Oh and a shout out to my Cougars. Here's hoping you surprise the nation. I am so ready for some football. And I am making everyone at my house wear a BYU tshirt today.


Barbaloot said...

When I grow up and have my own house will you help me decorate? I love what you've done...but for real, would never in a million years understand how to make all those pretty things work together.

Kristina P. said...

I love it! It looks so homey.

Go Cougs tonight!

val of the south said...

Score!!! Don't ya love it when you get such a bargain on things you love?

Looks Fabu!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! That is so bee-U-tiful. So fun to see your house. What a great idea with the suitcase/nintendo thingie.

April said...

You've done an AWESOME job!!! I vote #9 or #6. But I don't see a green on there.....I am partial to green...hehehehe!!!

Homer and Queen said...

Do our Cougars rock or what!!! I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Amen Queen, me too. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. I am so happy.

Marjorie said...

Wow! what a good deal you found! Everything is soooo cute. I think getting rid of that orange paint is really going to be a boost to your morale. Blue behind the yellow accents will be really sharp. It took us seven samples to pick a color for our house. Hopefully it will be painted green in a couple of weeks. (Brandon and Laura voted for keeping it the same color.) I am ready for a change. April should come on over. She would feel right at home! I LOVE the bicycle by the porch btw! Very cute!

And on to the game...What a game!!! They sure know how to keep it exciting! Go Cougars!

Kris said...

Love the house, LOVE THE COUGS!!!! It felt like the best game ever!

SEBishop said...

You will not believe this---but I have a bicycle on my front porch and 3 FROGS! Great minds think alike!!!!!! I really like #11--is it a blue/purple hue?

I thought of you all during the BYU game and wondered who you were watching the game with! We lost our voices we screamed so loud! What a great start to a fun season! We only will get to watch 4 games with our network coverage and last night was so worth it!

GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!

Eliza said...

Super cute! I love the top of your t.v. and the bicylce is adorable!!

Eliza said...

Super cute! I love the top of your t.v. and the bicylce is adorable!!

Shawna said...

Great finds! the house looks so cheery. Are you painting blue for the Cougars? You are a super fan!

Eliza said...

I just went back to look at the picture of your candle sticks. I have some that I think would look good. I can drop them off if you want.?

peacekeeper said...

very cute miss little i cant decorate. i do agree a color change is in store and i am really coming around to the idea of one color throughout all the common areas. it creates such a nice flow. good luck.