Friday, August 28, 2009

School Updates

I didn't post yesterday, because we overslept and Jared missed seminary for the first time this year. Good news more sleep for me, bad news no computer time. I have found the quiet house and unoccupied computer to be a very big silver lining to the whole getting up at 5 am thing.

So last night I came home from work and decided that clean underwear is not highly over rated, so I gave in and did some laundry. I did not get to watch Top Chef yet, but some day. Thank goodness for DVR's. It also means that Project Runway will waiting for me.

This morning I decided to do some cleaning in my kitchen after dropping Jared off. You know it is amazing how much you can get done by 7 am when you get up a 5. Who knew? It was about time, since I have not done anything but clear the surfaces in there for the whole summer. Talk about scary situations.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer every day. Only 3 or 4 more days to go.

And just so you know, I can sing all the colors to Joseph's coat if the sound track is playing, but I can not repeat them all from memory. Of course I copy and pasted them in from a lyric website. I still can't stop thinking about the show and singing "Go away little girl." Hopefully Diana does not take it personally.

Jared seems to be adjusting to high school life rather well. He doesn't even need to use the elevator. I have had some issues trying to get him out of PE and into Weight Training. That is what his surgeon suggested. How cool is that? No more $15 co pays for physical therapy, just get it for free at school. I think it will be amazing if he can work on regaining his strength.

The doctor says that he is back to 85% of normal, but he does not want him to do any running or even jumping jacks, yet. When people kept saying it would take a year for him to recover, I refused to believe it or even consider that it could take that long. But here we are 13 months later and that really is how long it has taken him. Jared is in all honors classes and they are sophomore ones at that. I am not sure how that worked out, seeing as how he did not complete any 9th grade classes, but oh well. The one class he really still needs to complete to graduate is 9th grade English and there is always summer school next year.

And it was picture day for Jared today and I actually managed to fill out the order form and send a check. Wahoo! It is not always something I have been able to be on top of in the past.

Diana is loving 5th grade, except yesterday she got moved to sit next to a girl she does not like at all. This girl comes from a very difficult family situation and has lots of behavior issues. For instance sometimes she licks her hand and wipes it on the other girls. Diana wants me to intervene with the teacher, but I am not sure if it will matter. Actually I think that this girl has ended up sitting by herself the past two years. Diana is in the all girl class again this year, but she has a much better teacher and I am very happy about that. There are 31 girls in her class. Just thinking about 31 10 year olds makes me weak in the knees. Her teacher did say that one of the advantages to separating the boys and girls is that they tend to learn differently. Boys like to just get a worksheet done and girls like to discuss it before they ever do it. It sounds right to me. The teacher has also received special training in single gender teaching. I feel really good about it.

Trent is registered to start CSN on Monday. It is totally awesome because my husband teaches there, Trent can go to school for $4 a credit. Much better than $56, don't ya think? It will save him $1000. He is signed up to be a music major, which will be very cool, but I wonder how marketable it will be. Of course who knows what he will want to do after his mission.

All in all we seemed to have survived the first week of school, pretty well. Seriously after Monday morning there was no where to go but up, right?

So sorry life is a bit boring right now, no rain in my house or other such catashrophe's. And no exciting celebrity encounters to report. I will keep my eyes peeled.

Happy Friday everyone!


Barbaloot said...

Whoa-separating the boys and girls? hmm---I think if I had been in that situation as a child I would've rebelled... :)

I'm amazed you can function when you get up so early. I had a small window of time where I'd get up around 5:30 to work out...then I realized I liked to sleep much more.

Homer and Queen said...

I know I'm late, but what happened to Jared? Glad he is doing well. Not so sure about the all girl class but wish McFly could be in one for the rest of her life.

Can you believe how hot it's been?

Marjorie said...

Thanks for the complete update. Sounds like everyone is doing better. It's gonna be a great year! Maybe you can inspire Diana to be the one to really help this girl feel better about herself. She is such a fun outgoing leader-type, I bet she can do it. Enjoy your "alone" time. I remember being absolutely giddy when you guys all went back to school! And I didn't even feel guilty!!

Kristina P. said...

I'm so glad that things seem to be going well so far!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love updates! I say suck in all that alone time... you need to save that stuff up! lol!

I am up that early also... only I don't want to be, my work makes me!

April said...

I admire you for being able to get up at 5am! I didn't realize there were two 5 o'clocks in a day! WOW!

Kris said...

I'm so glad Jared is doing great. He must be glad to be back to his life. Weight training the the most popular class at Michael's school, so he got pottery instead.