Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Loosing Streak

I think if I have to look for one more thing I am going to scream.

Jared woke me up this morning at 4:30 because he couldn't find his boxers or clothes that I had washed late last night. So I got up and found them for him, because it was not fun having him stand next to my bed in a towel dripping on me.

Next he asked if I had found his paper with his home room assignment on it. We had talked about it last night when he was going to bed. I was too tired and figured I would have time to find it this morning. So my searching began at 4:35. At 5:20 I stopped looking and made Jared breakfast. I then resumed the search until 5:45 when it was time to leave for seminary. I told him I would continue the search and hopefully find it before he had to go to school at 7:00.

Oh and did I mention that while I was looking through the piles of papers on my dining room table, I felt drops of water raining down? Yes indeedy it was raining in my house again. Dang, I so hate it when that happens. I am not even sure where the water was coming from, but the bathroom upstairs seems the likely culprit.

I went through the motions of punching a hole in the ceiling with a screw driver and placing buckets to catch the dripping water. It is still dripping 2 hours later, but it is not constant enough to be a hole in the pipe I don't think. For now it is under control and I will let my husband deal with it when he wakes up.

So the searching continued and I became more and more convinced that the needed paper had been thrown away in all the chaos of the past week. Next I tried to look it up on the Internet. First my computer told me that my Internet connection had failed. Next the Internet worked but the school link was broken. WHAT THE WHAT!!! Way to stress parents out on the first day of school.

Diana was trying to sleep on the couch, because we are painting her room and her bed is covered with junk. That is only adding to the chaos around here. Yesterday, I couldn't find my lesson manual which was slightly important seeing as how I was suppose to teach Sunday School and I had done zero preparation. Luckily I could print it off the Internet. Next I couldn't find my car keys and had to use my backup set, only to find my original keys in my church bag when I got there. And finally my husband and Jared were 15 minutes late to church because they could not find Jared's church clothes anywhere. Dang Bermuda triangle that lives at my house. Finally Jared borrowed one of my husband's shirts and wore a pair of jeans. Geez Louise.

And so back to this morning. Diana is now awake from all the cursing going on. She needs breakfast even though it is 6 am. I got her a bowl of cereal and decided to run over to the high school and see if I couldn't just find out the home room number.

The school was not very crowded at 6:20 in the morning. I talked with the secretary and she did not know if they had posted the list of home room numbers yet. Also her computer was being backed up and so she could not even look it up for me. I cursed the gods of technology once again.

I went to try and talk to the nurse about Jared's PE exemption, and noticed that the lists were posted on the cafeteria windows. I found the needed information and even walked over and found out where the room was for him.

I made my way back to the car and went to the church. Along the way I passed all the cars going to school. I guess they let seminary out 10 minutes early. I picked up Jared and returned to the school. Explained to him where to go to his class and navigated the parking lot of crazed parents and teenagers.

Now at 7:30, Diana is back asleep. I wonder if it will be hard to wake her up for school in half an hour.

I have to work today, of course. So it will be a long day. Perhaps I will go lay back down for a minute or two. Good thing, I went to bed at 8:45 last night.

Does anyone want to argue with me that I am not Nutty?

So that was my Monday morning, how was yours?


Barbaloot said...

This whole thing could be avoided if you didn't have early morning seminary. Just sayin...

Allison Barnes said...

yuck! what a way to start the new school year off! I hope your day gets better!!

Eliza said...

Yikes! I thought it was tramatic getting Hunter to his first day of Kindergarden.

I hope you'll get a nap later!

Homer and Queen said...

Seriously? We live in the same triangle?

Smart Helm said...

I'm so glad ur back to the blogging world... kinda :-).

My monday morning was "Here is all the WRONG/Unessessary information, can you get the design and drawings to us on by Wednesday morning?"

Oh well.. at least I get paid for my troubles :-) Good luck!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay... lets just say, NO I have never doubted your NUTTY-ness... but it just endears you to me!

You did more in that one morning then I have done all week!


val of the south said...

I have no room to complain about my day when I compare it to yours! (though I doubt I'll let that stop me!!)

I so enjoy your post labels - they are just as funny as your posts!!

Hope it's a better week for you!!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Yes Barb it is only those of us strong enough to not live in Zion and deal with the trials/blessing of early morning seminary.

Alison- it did get a bit better but not much, I think I will post about that tomorrow.

Eliza, that first kid to kindergarden is a hard one. Whether or not it is raining in your dining room.

Queen, maybe our triangles are connected through some space time continum. Perhaps all my lost stuff is at your house. And did I tell you that your were right and Diana did loose her glasses the very day I posted about them. Thankfully they were soon found, but I am a sucker for punishment, huh. And I am so releived to finally have figured out that the first game is not this weekend when I have to work. Hurray, I will be sitting on my couch on the 5th wearing blue and screaming my best pat screaming face.

Mel- I hate it when others think I am the junk yard and they can just dump all their troubles onto me. Good luck with that.

Shelle thanks so much for acknowledging my Nuttiness. I think I would really be insance if I couldn't count on others validating the fact that I think I am nutty.

Val I am sure that your day was just a different kind of hard. You haven't seemed to post much lately, are things OK? Miss you. Can't wait to get together again with Crash. I may feel an emergency get away trip to Utah on the Horizon. My sister is having a baby in Spanish Fork on Wednesday. I have to work for a few more weeks, but then I may be up there. Let you all know.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I agree with Barb. And I concede that you're nutty. But you're not a hamster. I will never concede to that.

What a crazy day! I hate the first day of school.


Kris said...

Ugg what a day! I am so looking forward to my kids first day back. We are starting a week from Thursday, and seminary starts later, so we can ease into school life

Shawna said...

Let me just say what a nice and understanding mom you are! My kids would love to have you for a mom, I would have just said too bad too sad and went on with my marry It can only get better from here.