Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rest of the Story

After I wrote my post yesterday, I did give in to the fatigue and laid back down. I made sure to set my alarm on my phone, but alas the spirits of snoozing took possession of my body. My neighbor called me at 8:50 because we were suppose to ride together to drop off our girls and then go right to work.

I answered her call and told her I would meet up with her after she dropped of her daughter. I then ran through the house like the crazed maniac that I am. I woke Diana up and made her join the frenzy. Somehow she got ready and we got in the car. Good thing she had eaten breakfast at 5 am. I did almost run over the crossing guard, for which I would have had a great insanity defense, I am pretty sure. But still, not the best way to start a school year.

We were walking onto the school yard when the bell rang at 9:00. Apparently 5th graders do not want to speak to their mothers, and so I was brusquely told to just leave already. OK, then.

I managed to stumble back to my car and make my way back home, where I was afforded the luxury of brushing my teeth before I had to dash off to work. Showers are highly over rated, right?

Work went well, other than the fact that I was so hungry I was tempted to gnaw off my own leg. Good news, I think I am loosing some weight, survivor style, that is to say starvation. Finally we decided that we needed to leave at 3:00 so we could get home and tend to the kiddies, make dinner, and do our homework.

Can some one please explain to me why it is the parents that get the homework the first week. Seriously, fill out a million forms, that you have already filled out for years. Then here is the list of needed school supplies, could you make a midnight run to Wal Mart to purchase said supplies. I am not so much a fan of the first week of school.

Then Diana and I ran down to the strip to pick up my Donny and Marie tickets for tonight. Yes, my husband are finally getting around to celebrating our 25th anniversary that was back on the 8th. I just hope that I can enjoy the show, seeing as how I can't really differentiate between staring at a blank wall or the TV right now.

Next I took Trent to the bank to deposit some checks and withdraw some money so he could pay me for his car insurance. Of course the gods of technology decided to give me another raspberry and the ATM we went to was out of order. This necessitated a trip to another bank.

When we got home I looked in the cupboards and somehow magically found something to throw together for dinner. Although I am out of cream of mushroom soup, which is inconceivable. Apparently I bought two cases of cream of chicken at the last case lot sale. Bummer.

Then there was the call from the school nurse, telling me that the form my doctor filled out to get Jared out of PE was not explicit enough and so could I just get her a note that said absolutely no PE for him. Well sure, I have nothing else going on in my life. I hope that I just took care of that this morning compliments of a fax machine. We will see.

Then we put Diana's room back together so she could sleep in with out being woken up during the seminary morning madness. I did refuse to go through the mounds of stuff she has and organize it. Do you have a bed that is cleared off? Then, that is as good as it is going to get.

Finally I fell into my bed at 9:30. Summer is definitely over for me.

Tomorrow I should have some fun pictures of our adventure tonight, so stay tuned.


Barbaloot said...

I hope you had lots of fun at Donny and Marie to make up for all the craziness!

Smart Helm said...

I'm so happy 4 u that u get to go see Donny and Marie! I agree with Barbaloot that I hope it makes up for it.

The weekend is for recouperating. I spend my life waiting for the weekend. Good luck!

Emily said...

Donny and Marie, you lucky girl you!
Have a great time tonight!

Homer and Queen said...

I bought you a present, I bought you a present..(singing again)

The Crash Test Dummy said...



Inconceivable. I can hardly wait for the photos! If only I was going with you we could be super stalkers. Please get a photo of his purple socks.

And how can you be out of cream of mushroom soup?


My 5th graders don't want to be seen with me either.


P.S. Was your crossing guard wearing corky wedges?

in time out said...

Wow, what an adventure. Simple crazyness getting kids off to school and having a life beyond what that takes. Bravo. Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying catching up on bits and pieces I have missed during the summer.

T said...

I'm exhausted just thinking about it...

small bit of Donny and Marie trivia: when they had their old show they never bought a single pair of purple socks! They just had one HUGE roll of purple cotton tubing - for each show they chopped off two lengths and serged the edge. Officially the most uncomfortable pair of socks in the world!

(why do I remember these inane facts?)

Kris said...

I hope you had fun at D&M. If I ever get to Vegas, that is the show I want to see.

And hurray! the first day if over, you will get back into the swing of things. Also, this year rocks compared to last year, if I remember correctly, this time last year you were just out of the hospial, and napping on the couch between leg and foot massages all night. Happy Day the kid is going to school and seminary!

April said...

Donny and Marie..I'm soooo jealous...but you can keep all the other craziness you are going through!

Eliza said...

I'm glad its your hampster wheel and not mine, I don't think I could handle it. You have a crazy adventure everyday, but you do it so well.