Wednesday, October 14, 2009

But wait there's more

Yes much like one of the infomercials on TV when the guys extols the virtues of a set of knives and then says "But Wait, There's More", there are more funtabulous pictures of me with BYU football players for your viewing pleasure and potential mockery.

You see last weekend, my football friends came to Vegas. And we all know what that means: another football fireside. The fireside was wonderful as usual, but I have to admit to being a bit distracted by strategizing over how to corner potential players/victims to pose with.

Here I am with my defensive guys, Scottie Johnson and Andrew Rich. These guys both wreak havoc in the secondary on a regular basis. Scottie also was a very good sport and feigned sincere interest in my stalker book. Such a good actor.

And next me and McKay Jacobson. He has been a star on the offense this year and is out for a few weeks with a hamstring injury. I managed to get my stalker book in the picture this time.

In the background most of the team are helping to put away the chairs. In case you were wondering, a football team can put away all the chairs that filled the gym in about 4 minutes flat.

One of the biggest helpers, my good buddy Harvey Unga. I showed him how cute we looked in our picture that was taken the week before.

I also had a fun conversation with Coleby Clawson and his wife. He liked my pictures as well. I was tempted to get another picture with him, to see if I wouldn't be overly smiling, but oh well.

Surprisingly, I am running out of players to get my picture taken with. Almost everyone I saw, I had already tortured. Inconceivable.

As hard as it was to pry myself away, I knew that I needed to go home, pack, and get to bed so I could get up at 5 an to get to the airport the next morning. As I was driving, look who was driving in the lane next to me, two buses full of football players. I had to snap a shot, although I am pretty sure driving while holding your camera out of the window and trying to look at the view screen, is not the safest thing to do.

Here they are trying to make their get away. I contemplated tailing them to the hotel, but thought discretion was the better part of valor.

And here they are getting even further away. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Finally we reached the freeway entrance, they went east and I went west. How sad. They did play fabulously on Saturday as they dismantled UNLV. Trent was there with a friend sitting in my seat. That's OK, he was kind enough to text me during the game. Surely that is the next best thing to being there?

Jared and I had a nice visit in Seattle and he received his patriarchal blessing. It is too bad that I came down with a horrible head cold Saturday morning. That is why it has taken me this long to get this posted.

Sadly, I think this maybe the end of my close encouters with the football team this season. But never fear, I will try to go on living anyway.


Homer and Queen said...

Well you are a stalker aren't you!? Guess who is coming home today!!!!??? yeah me!!!

Kristina P. said...

You are the groupie of the year!

Barbaloot said...

Love the pictures! Your team devotion is admirable.

Sandi said...

you are nuts.

April said...

hahaha!!! Sandi.....I laughed out loud!!! hahahaha! You should have seen her at the game when I showed her the place where the players come out. She had no idea! She was in heaven! hahahaha!!!

Smart Helm said...

I'm so sorry 2 hear you are ill. So is Sis. Bortman. You better not share!

I LOVE the pictures. Wait.. didn't u say u were gonna take me to that fireside? Oh well, I was busy preparing for my big crash.

Kris said...

As always, it is so fun to watch you stalk, especially from the distance of my computer

Shawna said...

Your skills are advancing. It kind of scares me. but you did get some great pictures.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh you are so cute and funny. I lub seeing you standing next to all those super hot football players.

Melanie S said...

You didn't go to the UNLV game?!? That is love. So, we need to go to a game together sometime. It would be so fun. And also possible because guess what? We are moving back to Vegas!!!!!!! We won't be there until the end of January probably, but I can't wait to get together! Love you!