Friday, October 9, 2009

Random post about the details of my life.

This will be a rather random post to catch up on a few things that have been happening around here.

Some of the biggest news is that Diana got the part in the school play that she really wanted to get. Her elementary school is doing a play about some school kids who want it to snow so they can get out of school. All of the teachers in the play have been renamed to match the names of the teachers at her school.

This is Miss Friend. Yes I know she looks like she could be one of the kids, but she is actually the music teacher. She is awesome and clearly Diana resembles her.

Check out this current picture of Diana. From their long hair, glasses, and short stature, well they are kind of twins. So Diana had her heart set on being Miss Friend. There was drama about trying out. Lots of late night practicing and nerves. But in the end, she is beyond ecstatic to have gotten the part she wants. I think it will be pretty funny.

In other news, I celebrated a birthday last week. It was a very nice day. I went to IHOP for breakfast with friends. My husband got me beautiful roses. And we got Qdoba for dinner.

The only bad thing about my birthday was that it happened to be picture day for Diana. Picture days seem to be fraught with stress and drama over how her hair should be and what to wear. Somehow we navigated the rocky road and got her to school. Sheesh.
Another thing I have been meaning to post about is my new phone. To say that I adore this phone, would be an understatement. It totally rocks. And I have given in and paid for the internet so I can check my email and update my facebook status. It has an awesome camera on it as well. In fact you might say that it is a camera with a phone.
My kids like my phone as well, and take turns with it whenever they can. This is pretty funny because I had a picture of Diana as my wallpaper. Whenever Jared gets a hold of the phone, he changes the wallpaper to a picture of him. Then Diana gets it and changes it back to her picture. It is just like Sleeping Beauty when the fairies are arguing over whether Auroa's gown will be pink or blue.

Besides getting to go to the BYU football game, last weekend when I was in Utah, I got to meet my new nephew. Isn't he precious.

He is such a sweet baby. It was lots of fun to hold him and get to know him better.
I am still working on organizing and cleaning up from the flood. It is a bit overwhelming. But as my dear sister in law pointed out, it is a good chance to sort through things and de-junk. A mandatory clean sweep, if you will. And we will paint the family room, before we replace the floor.
Jared and I are off to Seattle in the morning. My dad will be giving him his patriarchal blessing on Sunday. I am so happy that he wants to get this special blessing. It is a bit sad that it happens to be on the same weekend as the BYU/UNLV game, but at least I got to attend last weekend. I will go to the fireside tonight before we leaving in the morning. I am excited about that.
Jared is slowly adjusting to being back in school. He has missed about 12 days, but seems to be keeping his head above water. He slipped and fell last week and that kept him home for a few days. Actually this week is the first week that he has attended every day. Wahoo! I suppose that it is progress and I was overly optimistic that he could just go back 100% of the time. I think that his immune system is weak because he keeps catching a cold or flu. I wonder if there is an immunity idol for that? Hmmmm. I think eventually he will be back in the full swing of things. I went to open house this week and it seems that he has very good teachers. I am pleased with that.
Oh and in other missed it by that much news, I received a letter in the mail telling me that my fridge I purchased 9 years ago is being recalled due to the fact that several of them have caught fire and burned people's houses down. Gee, isn't that special. So this morning a repairman came and fixed the faulty part. Whew, that cisis is averted. Thank you very much, but I think the experience of having my house burn down is one I can live with out quite nicely. Knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder as I write this.
Well I suppose that is all the news that is fit to tell. I hope to be back to working more in the next few weeks.


Barbaloot said...

Glad your fridge lasted you those nine years thus far!

How exciting that Diana got the part she wanted. I never had the guts to do stuff like that when I was younger (or now, for that matter) so good for her!

Have fun at the fireside and I hope Seattle is a wonderful trip!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks Barb.

Emily said...

Have a safe trip, and I can't believe how old Diana looks, has she aged like 3 years in the past 6 months. It's so shocking to me every single time I see pictures of her?
Maybe because I still remember her as a 6 year old?
Either way, love your random post!

Eliza said...

Random is the only way to get caught up. We get to hear about everything that's going on, all in one place. I hope you have a fun weekend!

April said...

So excited for you to attend the fireside and even more excited for Jared to get his Patriarchal Blessing. What a great weekend. But I am on earth did I miss your birthday????? How rude!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! The flowers are beautiful!

Smart Helm said...

U've been busy! Have fun in Seattle although I'm shore gonna miss u at choir. Who am I going to talk to instead of paying attention?

Kris said...

Miss Friend is the greatest name for a teacher. I'm sure Dianna will be the star of many many productions.

Shawna said...

Wow! Sounds like you are going to have some fun and exciting things to look forward to. And when you wrote Wahoo, I totally can hear you say it like the Yahoo commercials.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY Diana. She is getting so darling. And Miss Friend is darling too. Good luck with the late night practicing.

And of course you bought a fridge that might burn your house down.

That would have made a great post, btw.