Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yackety Yak

Back in January in the middle of my working craziness, the activity day girls in our ward performed a lip sync at a stake activity. They were assigned the song Yackety Yak. It turned out super cute. Diana was chosen to act like the mom who was scolding all the other girls to clean up and don't talk back.

Here is the group shot. We got the ribbon for the bows from work, and the bows totally made the costumes.

Here is Diana with Hannah who was the Dad for the skit.
Here is a short video of the dance. Diana and Hannah practiced really hard on the flip and were so excited when it came off as well as it did. Diana didn't slide very well with out any shoes, but the whole was really cute.

This was such an insane day for me. I went in to work at 8:00 am and then left to get to the church to see the performance. I also had to stop at a fabric store and get some fabric they needed at work for tree skirts. In the end I walked into the church a few minutes before our ward went on to perform. After taking a few pictures, I was able to return to work and was there until midnight. So insance trying to balance everything, but Diana was very happy that I was there to see it.



Barbaloot said...

So fun. I feel like in real life I'd be the mom trying to shush everyone as well.

Kris said...

Wow what a great flip!!

Lub the bows

Smart Helm said...

I'm happy I already got to see this before anyone else did :-) What a fun activity.

April said...

How cute! Love that Diana!

T said...

So fun! it's always tricky to juggle life and make it to those kind of things - but SO worth it to see the kids light up when I shock them with my presence!

Emily said...

What a cute little mom Diana is going to make some day~ cute, cute, cute.

Marjorie said...

That was awesome! Glad you didn't have to miss it!