Monday, August 9, 2010

Families may be forever, but family pictures are few and far between.

Well proving that sometimes dreams can come true,
or at the very least that fate can miss when it tries to kick you in the pants,
 we actually made it to get a family picture taken before
Trent left for two years.
I know, don't pass out from the shock, I know I almost did.
True it was 6:30 the night before he left and JC Penny's closed at 7,
but still
the picture was taken and actually it did not turn out half bad.

Here is a rather fuzzy picture of what we looked like the last time
we managed to force everyone at gun point to sit
in front of a camera.  It has been way
too long since Trent wasn't even shaving
the last time we had a formal picture taken.

Diana took a shot with this adorable hat.

And another with a chair and teddy bear.
The three offspring even managed to sit next to each other long
enough for this moment to be captured for posterity.
And no Trent does not moonlight as a bouncer
or hit man for the mob.  So you will have to look
else where if you need that kind of thing.
Here is the soon to be next driver in the house.

And here is the future missionary, 36 hours from the MTC.

Here is the happy couple 26 years into this marriage thing.
We needed one of all the boys.

And one with just the girls.

All in all, it was one of the more painless family picture taking episodes
I have been privy too.

Now we don't have to worry about that for 7 more years.  Whew


Garden of Egan said...

Great looking family! I hope you can look at it without crying now that you are the mom of a missionary!

The Webber's said...

Cute! I am so happy you got these done - Its about time for an update! How are you holding up as a missionary mom?

Barbaloot said...

Love the mother/daughter picture. It's very sweet.

Glad you got your pictures...they're gonna have to hold you over for two years!!

Emily said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! I hope that our family look so great in a few years!

T said...

love your pix! you're a gorgeous NHC aren't you :)

Our most recent photo was taken when M was just 2 years old... she's 6 now... so that gives me a few years before we need another right???

Amie Earl said...

I am glad that mircales still happen today Love them turned out way cute

Leticia said...

That is so great! I love the family picture! I need to update our family pictures too... Beautiful!!!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the kind comments. I am kind of surprised that anyone is even reading this blog anymore. I wish I could reward such dedication with monetary prized, but alas I have none to spare.

And sorry if the size of any of the pictures scared any small children happening through the room, I didn't realize how shocking they might be that large.

Marjorie said...

Very nice!! I love you guys!!

Smart Helm said...

I know I commented earlier! Dumb work computer. All I said was... Looking good! :-)

Shawna said...

Great pictures! I love the "Trent wasn't even shaving" comment...I'm still laughing.

Stephanie Bishop said...

Your hair is so beautiful Patty! You all look so nice and dressed up and I can so relate to family pics---sooooooo PaINFUL!

Eliza said...

They look fantastic! Great job. Do you think you can use them for your Christmas card too?

The Crash Test Dummy said...