Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bringing Home the Bacon

Well through some interesting turn of events, I have found myself joining the world of employment. This time I mean a job with pay, thanks, and time off for good behavior. My other job of mother has none of these perks, but does have the benefit of being assigned to me by heaven. My new job is working for a company called Global Views. They sell home accessories and small furniture. Here in Las Vegas they have a permanent showroom that displays much of their line. Twice a year there is a big trade show, where buyers come from all over. So this job is to help prepare the showroom for these big shows. I think that I will like it because it will only entail working for a couple of weeks a year. I worked this past week because there was a show in a different part of town and they opened their showroom just in case anyone wanted to see it also.

Monday I worked only 4 hours and helped get the showroom cleaned up by dusting the hundreds of vases and candlesticks they have displayed.

Tuesday I worked for 9 hours. In the morning I went to Sam's club and got some things to feed to the potential customers that might come. This included buying wine to serve. The lady that was here giving me a shopping list said to buy some cheap wine. I told her that the alcohol portion of my resume was mighty thin and she would need to spell it out for me. She wrote down the names of two different wines I might look for. Then I asked her how many bottles to buy, 3 or 4. And she said, No 20. Boy I really don't have a feel for that kind of thing. Anyway I delivered my wares, and then went over to the other small booth that was being set up at the other convention center.

Thankfully they let me have Wednesday off. I used this day to do a few minor things like laundry, grocery shopping and preparing for camp kick off that night. On Wednesday I did have to run down to the showroom and get a key from security. I also have an official badge to wear.

Thursday I was there by 8:15 and opened for any potential customers that might come. This proved to be a very long wait, as only 4 people came by for the whole day. Luckily I brought my camp notebook and I spent several hours organizing it and trying to figure out the tent assignments. After rewriting it several times, I figured out that I could cut yellow sticky notes into small pieces of paper. I wrote the name of each girl on each piece and then put them in tents. This way as people drop out and others decide to come I can just move the sticky notes around. Because the show was so slow, I asked to go home an hour early. This was very happy as I was able to stop at the store to get a few things for dinner. I made dinner with Marion, Jared, and Diana were at soccer. Then I went to my camp meeting that night.

Friday was a bit crazy because I received an e-mail late Thursday, telling me to ship an end table that is at the show room to Texas. I left my house at 8 and stopped at three different stores before I finally ended up at U-haul to buy a box big enough to ship the table. Unfortunately the box was about 2 inches to big to fit in my car. So I had to drive with my back door open just a few inches. This was fine as long as the door stayed close to the car, but at certain times I would turn and the door would swing open. I tried to go on back streets so it wouldn't bother anyone. There were still many many people who noticed that the door was open and pulled up next to me to let me know of the problem. You'd have thought that I had a stick of dynamite in the back or something. I would just smile at them and nod my head as if to say "I know that I am driving with my door open, I have no choice, and no I am not so stupid that I would not notice my back door flailing open." I finally made it there, only to be told that the box would not be big enough. I got the show room ready and Friday was a busier day. I had a nice slow stream of people coming in. It was kind of fun to visit with each different one and find out what they might need. It was a long day though as I did not get home until 7:00 that night. I was much more tired because of standing on my feet so much more.

All in all I guess it was OK. I did earn a little chunk of change that will help pay some bills. That is always good news. It was just bad timing, because I had been gone for four days the week before. I still have not gotten my house back to the way it was before I left. This job is rather like being a mother. I have to clean, shop, and make sure people have what they need.

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