Monday, May 14, 2007

I've joined the poparazzi!

I just got my pictures back from Women's Conference and I am so excited about how they turned out. Hopefully you might enjoy seeing them as well. I feel a little like a kid that managed to get all the pictures of the princesses at Disneyland. I just hope I haven't been added to the most wanted list of stalkers that the General Authorites watch out for.

The picture to the left is of Sis. Susan Tanner, in the White suit. Sis. Dalton is in the red jacket with her back to us, and Sis. Cook is behind Sis Dalton in the pink top. They are the General Young Women's presidency. The class they taught was one of my favorites. Wendy Wilcox is wearing the white suit standing next to Sis. Tanner. She spoke with her father Brad, Thursday afternoon.

The picture to the right, is Sandra Rogers, who has been in charge of Women's Conference for the past several years. She is a remarkable woman.

The picture to the right is my sister Kris, me and my Aunt Shauna who happened to be attending the conference. We had lots of fun visiting with her between classes as she stayed in the Marriott Center most of the day also.

The picture to the right is one I shot of Elder Holland as he walked up to shake hands with us. I suppose it may have been a bit rude to have clicked his picture as I was shaking his hand, but I am kind of excited about how well it turned out. And by the way the other people around me with their digital cameras could not get a shot, so for once it is good that I am behind the times when it comes to technology.

Here's one with Elder Jeff Holland and his wife Pat. Just behind them are Brother and Sis Samuelson, the current president of BYU. And Sis Rogers is behind them.

The picture to the right has Sis Lant the General Primary President in the salmon pink. Sis Thompson, second counselor in the General Relief Society is in the black suit with the pink shirt. She was one of my favorite speakers. Touching her are is Sis. Tanner again in the light pink jacket. She is probably telling Sis. Thompson what a good job she did earlier when Sis. Thompson spoke. And just behind Sis. Tanner is Sis. Cook. Sis. Beck, the General Relief President was in England and so that is why I did not get a picture of her. This is a great picture because it has all the auxiliaries in one shot.


craig said...

Cute pictures! I am very excited that they turned out so great! I love the idea of having a women's conference scrapbook and look forward to any pictures you can send me.

Kris said...

That was not my husband, it was me!

Lisa said...

Sheesh, Pat. I would die a thousand deaths before I would take a picture of a GA while shaking his hand!

Pat said...

The more I think about it and look at the picture, I pretty positive that I took his picture while he was shaking the hand of the person standing next to me. I feel bad that I probably blinded him for a few minutes from the flash.