Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'm Back!

I returned safely home yesterday. I feel like I have had my batteries completely recharged. Women's Conference was completely wonderful in every way. As they say in Veggie Tales "I laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob!" It would be impossible to say which part was the best. One great time was when it was pouring buckets on Thursday I managed to score the last umbrella. The ones on the table were all gone, but as I was standing in line a guy behind the counter held up an umbrella and asked who wanted it. I jumped up and down and said ME, ME. You might say that like Ester I was the right person, in the right place, at the right time. The story of Ester was the theme for the whole conference. Sister Watson Nelson gave a glorious talk about making sure we are fulfilling our mission. Another highlight was hearing from the General Young Women's presidency and their daughters. It was a great class, try to see it rebroadcast if you can.

I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear from the new General Relief Society presidency. It was fun to get to know the two new counselors. Sis Allred is from South America and raised 8 children. She talked about turning our homes into mini MTC's. Sis Thompson is a doll that we will all love to hear from for the next few years. She talked about her call and how inadequate she felt. She said her first thoughts when her Bishop called to tell her to meet with Pres. Faust were 1. What am I going to wear? and 2. How can I lose 100 pounds before I am sustained in General Conference next week? She then related how she told Pres Faust about feeling inadequate. She shared his response"Sister Thompson we are all just ordinary people, trying to do the Lord's work. I will pray for you, if you will pray for me." I was touched by this story. And then Sis Beck gave a wonderful talk about how we can offer "relief" to today's world. She said that if ever there was a time when the whole world needs relief, it is today and we are the ones who can give it.

Friday afternoon Elder Holland and his wife Pat gave the closing address. I was sitting down next to the tunnel where they would come out. I had my camera in hand, in hopes of getting a shot of them and the other church leaders. The Hollands came out to do a sound check and I missed getting the picture because it was so early. After they checked the sound they walked back into the tunnel and Pres. Holland stopped along the way to shake just a few hands. I was one of just 10 or 15, who got to shake his hand. This was especially thrilling to me, since he was the president of BYU when I attended. He and his wife gave a very encouraging talk about not underestimating ourselves or giving up hope. At the end Elder Holland blessed all of us to be happy, peaceful, grateful, aware of our divine worth, to find a way through our trials, to find answers to prayers, and to know that there are good days before us. There was an amazing spirit present and I have never felt anything quite like it.

The drive home was also pretty uneventful. I stopped at the cheese factory in Beaver and bought some curds, much to the delight of my family. And I stopped in St. George and had some really yummy nachos.

All in all it could not have been better. All of you should start arranging your schedules and making plans to go next year. I will see you there because I am completely addicted and plan on going every year until I die.


peacekeeper said...

glad you got home safe. look forward to seeing you soon. it was so fun catching up. talk to you later.

sebishop said...

I hope to someday attend Women's conference, however, enjoy quiet moments on BYUTV of past Conferences!

Can you believe that Jeff Holland was our BYU pres and that there have been 3 others since! CRAZY! Can we really be married over 20 years!

Reading your entry makes me miss 1009 N,. University and the SIMPLE life!

Stephanie Bishop in Kansas