Tuesday, June 5, 2007

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Well I just thought I would update everyone on the state of our van. Saturday night we took the seats out and just as I had planned I took a hose to all of it. It didn't seem so bad to hose off the seat, but I have to admit it was a little bit surreal standing in the van just spraying it all down with water. Then I wondered what to do to squeeze the water out. I remembered that our house came with a giant squeegie thing, that I think I am suppose to use on my deck when it rains. I ran up and got it. Sure enough it did a great job ringing out the carpet. I pushed as much of the water out as I could, but it was still very wet. Next I sprayed fabreeze on the carpet, to try and keep any bad mildew smell from developing. We left the doors and windows open all night long, hoping it would dry. This would be one time I was glad about the fact that I live in Vegas where conditions mimic that of a dryer. The next morning, it still was not quite dry and there was a slight smell developing, that was less than lemon fresh. I next sprayed the whole carpet down with some kind of foam stuff. I had this carpet spray left over from last summer when I drove kids to do temple baptisms and one of the kids threw up in the van on the way home. This is spray that you leave on and it gets rid of any bacteria causing a bad odor. That seems to have done the trick, and Monday morning we put the seats back in the van just in time for my turn for the car pool this week.

So now I can turn my attentions from car washer to camp director. Yes just one week from today I will be sleeping/freezing up on MT Charleston. In fact on Saturday, we take everything up the mountain to set up. At this point I am looking forward to it all being over. I went shopping today with the 2 camp cooks and we bought 2 carts heaping full of food. It is going to take a fair amount of food to feed 30 people for 3 days. We don't have to do much on Tuesday because we are making the girls bring sack lunches and the stake is feeding us dinner. This should be so much better than last year. Last year we had planned to have taco salad for lunch, but the taco meat was frozen like a brick and our camp stove had problems. I had to go across to another camp and beg to borrow a stove. Of course while I was doing this, one of our first years climbed the rock wall unsupervised or harnessed and fell and broke her ankle. We figure things can't go any worse than that this year. Hopefully the rest of the preparations will go well. I don't have a lot left to do - prepare a devotional and my certification assignment. And a few other minor details. This morning as many ladies from camp as could went to the 6:00 am temple session. We were also all fasting for a good week at camp. I can't imagine a better way to start camp. At least we have finalized our number at 18 girls. Well like I said, it will all be over in a week.

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