Monday, June 11, 2007

Pat's Ponderings

As I had written before, Diana needs glasses. Yesterday at church, she was having a hard time reading the hymn numbers up on the wall. I let her look through my glasses, and she was amazed to actually be able to read the numbers. Through out the rest of the meeting, she asked to borrow my glasses several times. Once you have a taste of clear vision, it is hard to go back to things being blurry. She can't wait for her own pair of glasses to be done.
I wondered if this could be compared to our job of helping others gain a testimony. Perhaps as parents we can let our children use our testimony to see things more clearly. Of course eventually they will need to gain a testimony of their own, but can they catch the vision of the clarity the gospel can bring to life by looking through our testimony glasses. And once they have had a taste of clear vision, won't their desire to gain a testimony of their own be increased. And perhaps this can be used with others besides our children. Truly isn't anyone who has not received a testimony of the gospel struggling around in the dark, so to speak. And once they have seen how clear and sharp things can look, they will want a testimony of their own. I am grateful for my testimony and the way it can help me navigate my way through this dark and sometimes dreary world.

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