Thursday, June 7, 2007

Seeing Things with Different Eyes!

Well yesterday Diana went for her first eye appointment and she needs glasses. I can't believe it. A few weeks ago was the first time she even complained to me about not being able to see things on the board. The eye doc said that she would not pass the eye exam at the DMV if she needed to take one. So her first pair of glasses is on order. She chose a cute pair from the Disney princess collection. They will not be ready until next week. I did not really believe that she needed them, thinking that she was just wanting as much attention as Jared has been getting for his glasses. I am excited for her to get her first glasses and experience the wonder of seeing that the trees actually have leaves. It is quite an amazing experience to see the world through clearer eye sight. I still remember the day I got my first pair of glasses when I was about 16 years old. Boy I may have to get a job to help pay for the eye care needs of our family. Lucky Trent is the only one of us without glasses.

Speaking of glasses, Jared got hit in the head last Saturday and his glasses broke AGAIN! AAARG!! The temple part on the right side went flying in the air, and we never even found the piece ever. Just to update those of you blissfully in the dark, Jared chose these new frames last December. He had worn his old frames for 2 years waiting for our insurance to cover new frames. So finally he was eligible to pick out new frames. After much deliberating he chose a rather nice looking pair. The optometrist informed me that this was a great choice as it was suppose to be next to indestructible. Apparently he had even had a client accidentally run over a similar pair and they were not completely destroyed. At the same time we decided to pay an extra $80 for a sun glass clip that would attach to the front of the frame magnetically. So the new glasses were obtained and we went home unaware of the trial these glasses would turn out to be. With in a few weeks, Trent knocked them askew one day. This made it too hard to Jared to see out of them and so he wore his old pair, with the old prescription. A few days later I managed to take him to get them adjusted. Of course they were bent on the weekend when the optometrist office was closed. Then a month after that Marion accidentally bumped them with the same result. So we went in for an adjustment for the the second time in as many months. Then one day at soccer practice, they were bumped out of alignment for the third time. We tried to bend them back and Jared wore them that night to Diana's choir concert at a high school. They were bothering him and he took them off several times. At one time he wanted me to hold them, but Marion told him he needed to hold them himself. The next morning he told me that he could not find his glasses anywhere. I ran Trent to school and came home and started looking. I tore my house apart. Not only could I not find his new glasses, I couldn't even find his old ones either. Nothing makes me crazier than looking for things and not finding them. I searched everywhere I could think off and finally he went to school without his glasses. I finally became convinced that he had lost them at the concert the night before. I drove over to the high school and proceeded to tell my sad story to anyone who would listen. Finally after repeating the story several times, I ended up at the custodian's office. He was kind enough to walk over to the theater and unlock it. He then watched as I crawled around on my hands and knees looking in the section where we had been sitting. Still nothing. After feeling that I had exhausted every possibility at the school, I returned to my house and continued searching for a few more hours. I felt that I had lost my mind and how could it be so hard to find something that we had the night before. Eventually I gave up. Jared came home from school that day and proceeded to find the glasses under his bed about 10 minutes after he got home. I could swear that I had looked there. I was very relieved that we did not have to go out and buy a new pair and of course it was a Friday so that would have made it difficult. After this the drama/trauma with the glasses took a break for about a month or two. It was probably about 3 weeks ago, that they again turned up missing one morning. This time they were miraculously found before school. And then it was just 2 weeks ago that we went and had them adjusted again. And that brings us to last week when they broke for what seemed like the last time. Once again Jared is wearing his old pair with the wrong prescription in it. I myself thought that maybe it was for the best, and that we could get new lenses in the old frames. These glasses have seemed to be possessed with some evil spirit designed to make my life miserable. Actually it would give me great pleasure to know that we didn't need those dang glasses and then I would love to run over them several times with my car and I don't mean accidentally. Sadly my optometrist tells me that the fact that we wanted to have the sunglass clip made the front of the frame be less flexible and could possibly be part of the problem. The temple that came off and was lost can be reordered and replaced. I am not sure how much it is going to cost, but it will definitely be less than a whole new pair of glasses. Darn, I didn't get to reek revenge on those glasses after all. Hey maybe I shouldn't let an inanimate object be the cause of so much grief in my life. So sorry to rant on and on about these glasses, but hopefully it will all be better soon. Also we plan to get contacts. I think we will get the disposable kind that you throw away day. That sounds like it could be ideal.

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