Saturday, August 25, 2007

Accidents Happen

As I said before, our trip to California would have to be the highlight of that week. But you know what the law of physics says "what goes up must come down". And so Friday August 17th was the low of the week. This happened about 12:30 that day when I received a call from Trent. He told me that he had been in a car accident and I needed to come to where it had happened. I was helping at the choir camp that Diana was participating in and so I was about 25 minutes away. I quickly left the choir camp and drove over to the accident. He told me that everyone was OK, which I was glad to hear, but still it was a very long, anxiety filled trip for me. When I got to the accident I was horrified to see that front of my car was pretty much smashed to smithereens. I was glad to see Trent standing pretty much unhurt on the sidewalk. Apparently he was making a left hand turn and failed to see an oncoming truck. The truck hit him on the front passenger side of the car. Both of the front airbags deployed. Trent had a small abrasion on his head that I think was from the airbag. So sadly it was his fault and he received the ticket. The police at the scene said to look at it as a good learning experience. And to feel lucky that Trent could get such a good lesson without anyone having to be seriously hurt. I wish that he could have learned this lesson in a less costly way, but oh well that is life.

So now my car is totaled. I have had a rental car for the past week and am looking for a new car. I hate buying new cars. I would rate the experience right up there with root canal and moving. But I guess that there are some things in life that are unavoidable. The good news is that I am going to receive a fair amount of money to help purchase a new car. The bad news is that my car insurance is going to go up. I don't know how much yet, but it can not be good.


Lisa said...

Maybe part of Trent's learning experience should be paying his portion of the insurance.

This makes me fear for the day when Karianne gets her license. It is coming entirely too soon for me.

peacekeeper said...

glad to hear that trent is okay...good luck car shopping. :)

Kim Holmes said...

Okay, so just thinking about Maren driving in the next year is enough to make me a nervous wreck. Now I have to go & read about your kid totaling your car! You are SO not helping! Oh, let me just say, that I feel for you; I don't even want to know what the insurance is going to be now! (Also, congratulations on talking your husband into driving to CA to see Wicked! I don't think I could have managed that, which is why I had to go with girlfriends. Wasn't it the best?)

brooke said...

Pat -
That is terrible! That is EXACTLY how my accident happened...well..the one that was my fault! It was so scary! And that is pretty much what my car looked like afterward too! I'm glad that Trent is OK! What a scary experience! Good luck with the new car hunt!