Saturday, August 25, 2007

CATastrophic turn of events!

Under the category of "Oh No, here we go again", there is a mother cat and three kittens who have decided that my front yard would be the perfect place to call home. I don't know what kind of invisible sign there must be on my house that says to all cats, "live here, there is a crazy cat lady here who will take you in no matter what." And the mom and babies are all black. What kind of bad luck is that, to have 4 black cats cross your path every time you leave your house? I am determined not to go down the river of cat insanity again. Been there, done that. Of course last time it wasn't just a river of cats, it was something akin to Niagara Falls. Surely I have had enough of the experiences that cat ownership has to offer to last me a lifetime. You know like birthing breech kittens, having live things brought into the house ( ie lizards, birds, and even a rat once), listening to male cats prowl the house like sharks, cleaning up cat poop or food, administering first aid to battle wounds including amoxicilian left over from my children or soaking puss filled wounds in warm water. Once I even had a dehydrated cat that I gave water to a teaspoon at a time every few hours. The fond memories go on and on, and so you might imagine why having once discovered four kittens in my garage and taking them in and keeping them, even bringing them from California to Las Vegas, well I am reticent to repeat that mistake again. And that was a mistake in the fact that those kittens multiplied until one time I had the absurd total of 10 cats living at my house. Yes I am a sucker for punishment. We might all see why I am avoiding the slippery slope of cat mania like the plague. Of course the fact that we are holding them and taking pictures with them might make you think differently, but we are not feeding them or naming them and this is big for me. Sadly I think that the only way to get rid of them is to catch them and take them to the pound. This is also one of my least favorite thing about cats. But if I could be strong enough to do it with cats I loved like children, then I guess I can gird up my loins and do it to a bunch of stray cats.


Lisa said...

Ah kitties! Karianne found a cute little gray tabby at her place of work one night, and was playing with it when I picked her up. We brought it into the car, and I was sorely tempted to bring it home, but somehow I resisted. Maybe it was the image of Tom standing with folded arms and a frown while he barred me from entering the house with another varmint.

peacekeeper said...

oh my can do it girl...remember...YOU ARE ALLERGIC. :)