Monday, May 24, 2010

See Pat stalk the Prophets

Shockingly enough, I still have things from Women's Conference that I want to post. Scary that it is a month later and I haven't managed to get them done yet.

After I had the amazing experience of meeting Katherine Nelson (Emma Smith) and Jane Dudley (Pres. Hinkley's daughter), I was kind of caught up in the stalking spirit. A stalking high, if you will.

As I was walking out of the Hinkley Alumni Center, I spotted this picture of my favorite prophet. I couldn't resist snapping a shot with him. Please forgive the fact that I didn't manage to take the picture straight. But seriously, don't we look cute together? (Just try to ignore my double chin, K? The camera adds ten pounds, right?)

By this time I had stalked away all of the time I should have spent getting to my next class, so I decided to just take a walk down memory lane and visit some other Prophets.

Here I am with Joseph Smith. He was just glowing with happiness to see me. Although he was a bit stiff. Thank you Joseph for all you sacrificed, so I could enjoy the blessings of the gospel. I really like your wife, BTW.
And of course my hero, Brigham Young. I am very bundled up because it was cold and windy. Thank you for starting the academy that could later be turned into a University where I could attend and meet my future husband. BYU has had a profound eternal impact on my life. Oh, and the football team totally rocks. Just sayin.

Dear president McKay, Thank you for having a building named after you so I could get up at 4:00 am and empty garbage cans and clean bathrooms and manage to support myself through college. We shared some great times, but that is a post of another color.
Dear sweet, President Kimball, Thank you for shaking my hand when I was twelve. Little did you know that you created a stalking monster. What a wonderful memory and testimony builder. There was no denying how strong the spirit was that day, at that moment. You will always have a special place in my heart.
And President Benson, Do you remember the day I shook your hand? I was in a married BYU student ward and our stake had a conference about flooding the world with the Book of Mormon. You surprised us all by coming to that event and it was also a very wonderful day. I am very grateful for your words of wisdom about the importance of the Book of Mormon.
And just for a bonus, I decided to stalk a couple of apostles while I was at it.
Here I am with Jeffrey R Holland, who just happened to be the President of BYU when I was a freshman.
I even was privileged to take a Book of Mormon class from him, my freshman year. It was at 8:00 am and the times I was there, it was delightful. But I have to admit to a life long sorrow that I spent much of the year imitating Peter, James, and John at the Mt of Transfiguration. The me of today would like to slap the me of 1983 upside the head. Quit staying up until 2:00 am and get to bed so you can get to class and soak up all the wisdom and feast on the spirit with a man of God.
Sheesh, kids those days.
And last but not least, Boyd K Packer. I loved hearing you speak a few years ago when you came to Women's Conference, even though I did not manage to stalk you up close and personal. This will have to do, much to your relief, I am sure.

So there you have it. Me and so many of the prophets. It was a thrill I tell you. Although I may have frightened some of the students on campus. But maybe middle aged women posing with pictures of prophets is an every day occurrence, who knows. In any event security was never able to catch me and escort me from any buildings, so I count the day as another successful stalking situation.


Emily said...

A great post, so much to love about these great men!

Saimi said...

I had just as much fun reading your post as you did taking all those picutes! It was nice to take a moment and reflect on some of the great prophets!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love to have visitors, especially those that comment!

T said...

I love your stalking adventures! and the wonderful testimony that goes along with it...

farmgirl said...

You crack me up. Good stalking work, I hope you rewarded yourself on a job well done!!

Barbaloot said...

Your stalking skills never cease to amaze me.

April said...

A professional stalker with a heart of gold! You have taught me some sweet skillz, especially with that football team they call the Cougars!

Kris said...

I was just sitting in a class and you got to stalk the greats of the world

Amanda said...

you are hilarious! I can tell you, if we lived closer, I'm sure we could get some good stalking done together. Between the both of us, we have some pretty sweet stalking skills!

Eliza said...

Great post! I love how you take your skills to the next level.

Stephanie Bishop said...

Whatever inspires you, honey! Love following your blog!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hahahahahahah you are so heeheelarious. I lub it. The title alone is a crack up. You would be such fun to blog across America with.