Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Me and Jimmer

 When the BYU Basketball team came to Vegas for the Mountain West Conference Championship, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go and see them play in person.

It was very fun walking into the Thomas and Mack amidst all my fellow Cougar fans.  All of us wearing our BYU Blue.  I felt very at home, if you will.
 I had purchased a cheap seat up in the rafters.  But there were a lot of empty seats down near the front, so I figured what was the point of sitting in the nosebleed section.  I got there in time to watch them warming up.  Look Jimmer is in my picture.
 Ok every one stretch it out and get ready to play.
 Even Jimmer needs to stretch.
I have to admit to being slightly disappointed that I didn't get close enough to touch any of the players.  I did see Tom Holmoe but I resisted asking to get my picture taken with him.  Also seen but not molested, BYU President Samuelson.  I had great seats for the first half that were about 3 rows from the front.
People did keep showing up and needing their seats, so I spent the second half up near the top of the bottom section.  Sadly it was not that great of a game, and the team struggled but did eventually win.  I wish that I had bought a ticket to the Friday night game where Jimmer went crazy and scored 50 points.  It would have been fun to be there for that.  But it was also fun to watch it at home on TV.

So now I can say that I saw Jimmer play in person. 
And Friday night Chad Lewis (former BYU football player) is
coming to speak out our youth conference.  And they needed volunteers
to be chaperones.  Don't worry I only knocked over 3 people on my 
way up to the sign up sheet.

So look forward to more stalking pictures. 


Barbaloot said...

I've missed your stalking stories:) Glad to have those back!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I always forget how True Blue my blood is until something comes up in the news or even in conversation. Go Cougs!

Smart Helm said...

I really love that first picture of you. So demure. Way to use those empty seats!

farmgirl said...

I must say I am slightly disappointed you didn't accost any of the players...you know, some crazy lady on the court could of really got some adrenalin going and made for a more exciting game
.....just sayin'

T said...

Yay for stalking stories!!!

I hope you helped up those downed people after you signed up to chaperone :)

Kris said...

GO Cougs! Anywear, everyday!

annie valentine said...

You know you're a good stalker if your passion involves innocent casualties. Yay for stalking Jimmer and his hot hair!