Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top Chef Shout Out

If you don't watch Top Chef this post may bore you.  Sorry, but you have been warned and there will be no hurt feelings if you choose not to read on.

I am a total reality TV junkie.  It is bad, people.  B.A.D.  Need for an intervention bad.  But I am not really ready for the cure so I will just continue on with the sickness.  And one of my most favorite shows has got to be Top Chef.  I love that show.  I don't know what I would do without my BRAVO TV.  It is must see for me, for sure.

And this season of Top Chef was the BEST.  I don't even know how I will ever watch anything again, because nothing will ever be that good.  It was chuck full of drama, emotion, the agony of defeat, and finally with the finale last week, a triumph of spirit and well a win for someone I have been rooting for all along.

I loved every last episode this season, whether there was a Jonas Brother and they were doing the Night at the Museum, or Elmo and Cookie Monster screaming for better cookies.  They really outdid themselves.  I loved it when Carla got to make Chicken Pot Pie for Jimmy Fallon.  I cried when the families were brought in on the Ellis Island episode and they celebrated and learned about their heritages.  I was on the edge of my seat when they cooked head to head at the tennis open.  And I loved watching them compete on the fishing trip challenge.  I felt the urge to hide in the bathroom and spend the night at Target when I watched them running up and down the aisles filling up their carts with cooking equipment.  Who knew you could make a great grilled cheese sandwich with an iron? I was shocked when the kitchen caught fire at the cook for royalty challenge.

Over all I give the season a big two thumbs up, and ten toes also.  Can't wait to watch the reunion show tonight.  Thanks guys for the past few months of entertainment on Wednesday nights.  I laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob.  What can I say.

How about you what is your favorite show?


Garden of Egan said...

I don't have cable so I have no idea the excitement you must be feeling.

NCIS is my show, then I'm done for the week.

Smart Helm said...

I admit to not being a very big fan of reality TV... I have too much axiety for the participants!

I've always liked shows where they save peoples lives but then the shows turn soapy and I stop watching. Who cares who's sleeping with who? Go save that kid!

T said...

I actually can't claim to have a "show"... I fell off the TV bandwagon about 2 years ago and can't seem to pull myself back on...

now, that being said - I do Hulu the Psych episodes... and sometimes The Biggest Loser :)