Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Lewis's

We all know how much I love to stalk people.  Usually of the General Authority or BYU football flavor.  As stated in my last post, my recent trip to a BYU basketball game left me empty handed in the photo op department.  But this weekend was something of a cornucopia of opportunities, if you will. 

It has been so long since I have had a successful stalking situation, but stalking skills must be like riding a bike, because it all came right back to me, so not to worry.  I know you were all worried, right?

The young men and young women in our stake had a youth conference this weekend and the key note speaker was none other than Chad Lewis.  You know the BYU footbal star from 1993-1996, who later played in the NFL, culminating in an appearance in the Super Bowl in 2005 with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Yes, that Chad Lewis.

There was an hour long break between dinner and the fireside and it was amazing to be able to rub shoulders with Chad and his wife Michelle.  Of course I wormed my way right into the circle of people standing around visiting.  Here is the picture I got with them.  In one of the more disappointing moments of my life, the batteries in my camera died.  Woe is me.  So we have to be content with this picture taken on my phone.  Thank goodness I have a 4 megipixel camera on my phone, because this picture is not half bad as far as cell phone pictures go.  Can you get a sense of just how tall these people are?  Can you say giants?

These two went on the give one of the most amazing firesides I have ever attended.  They both talked about how important it is to never give up and how no matter what struggles we face, they can be over come with the help of the gospel in our lives.  They gave an amazing testimony and there was a powerful spirit present.

Of course I showed Chad the published proof of my crazy love for all things BYU football.  He admitted that there could be no denying my BYU Super Fan status.  How cool is that?  Chad Lewis said I was a Super Fan.  I may never wash my ears again.   It was a wonderful evening to say the least. 

And then today I went and heard Jeff Lewis speak at an event at the World Market Center, where I work.  If you have never heard of him, he has a reality TV show on BRAVO called Flipping Out.  It is about his business in California where he buys and flips houses.  In the recent bad economy he has turned more to designing homes.  He gave a talk about his background and about his show.  It was very interesting especially in stark comparison to the fireside the night before.  He talked about how the most important thing in his life is making money.  He too had faced some obstacles but unlike Chad, he did not have the peace that the gospel brings.  When the economy went bad, he lost a lot of money, and he was not prepared for that to happen.  And thus he faced a lot of stress.  On the other hand when Chad had disappointments he was OK because no matter what unexpected events happened to him, nothing could touch his testimony.  I don't remember the last time I have seen such stark contrasting examples of the the World's way the Lord's way.  Not hard to see which way brings the most peace and happiness.

First Jeff was interviewed, and then his assistant Jenny came up on stage and answered some questions.  And then after the presentation they let anyone who was interested stand in line and get a picture.   I admit  to being a bit star struck.  It is the first time I have ever met in real life some one I have watched on TV.  It was a bit crazy and surreal.  So here I am with Jeff and Jenny.  What the what.  And this time I made sure I had batteries.  Sheesh.

I have to say that they were very nice and accommodating.  And then after the pictures, Global Views, the company I used to work directly for and still work indirectly with, had a little luncheon.  During that luncheon, Jeff and Jenny came in and actually just hung out for a while.  Of course the whole time they were filming for their upcoming season.  The producers had everyone sign releases so that they could be on the show.  The season will air sometime this summer and it will be crazy to watch and know that I was there when it was filmed.  At one point during the meet and greet, I stood in a circle with Jenny and a few other people and we just chilled and chatted away.  It was beyond insane.  And she was so funny and told us about other Bravolebrities.  It blew my mind to talk with other people who share my same ridiculous obsession with reality TV shows on Bravo. 

And thus another chapter in my  "Stalking for Dummies" book comes to a close.

I think my  title as "Stalking Champion Extraordinaire"  is safe for a while longer. 

Which is good because I have become attached to the crown and sash that go with the title.

And doesn't it seem too random that both of my stalking victims this weekend would have the last name Lewis? 

What does that mean? 

And in a week and a half, Women's Conference.  Bwahahaha!

I think this was a good warm up staking exercise.

That was my super stalking weekend.  How was yours?


Amie Earl said...

Way to earn Super Fan status good practice on stalking skills can't wait for Women's conferenece (:

Garden of Egan said...

I just stand in awe of your greatness.

I can't even imagine who you are going to accost........I mean stalk at Women's Conference. With your luck, the possibilities are endless.

Can I have your autograph?

Oh, and about the not washing the ears thing........rethink that K?

Barbaloot said...

You truly are a stalking genius. Amazing. When will you be here for Women's Conference? I vote we do a blogger lunch. Or at least get jamba for a second since I will only have a short break from work.

TisforTonya said...

glad you've been honing those stalking skills - it will make your report of Women's Conference that much more fun :)