Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another chance to be on the most wanted wall of BYU security

Ok peeps hold onto your horses, hats, or hosiery, because do I have some amazing beyond belief news of a shocking, well actually stalking nature.

Today I attended Women's Conference at BYU. In past years I have been content to just take pictures of my favorite General Relief Society and Young Women leaders. I have listened to these sisters talk and laughed and cried at the messages they have shared. And almost like blogging friends, I have come to feel that I really know them.

And so today when I went to a class about Hope taught by Sister Susan Tanner's husband and daughter, and I noticed her sitting in the front row, well I unabashedly went up and asked if she would take a picture with me. She suggested that perhaps we should not do it right at the very front, but could move over to the side out of the lime light. I suppose she didn't want to start a stampede of others wanting to follow in my ways.

And so here I am with my new BFF Susan W Tanner. She is just the cutest thing ever and I just adore her and her testimony. I told her how much I loved the talk she had given 7 years ago. After I had sufficiently scared her, I let her go back to her seat and watch her husband and daughter give wonderful talks.

After the afternoon session, I went way down to the very bottom of the stairs right next to where all the important people walk out. And after many shots of the back of Sister Beck and Sister Dalton I managed to flag them down and call them over to where I was nonchalantly hanging over the railing.

So look how cute I am with Sis Dalton. She can make anyone look cute. Now I am BFFs with her also. I had the nicest conversation with her, where I told her that I loved the story she told about running over her daughter with the car. Her daughter was in Kindergarten and it was very snowy and so her daughter was not even hurt, but she did have a tire mark on the back of her snow suit. We laughed about how life as a mother is just kind of crazy like that.

And then the cherry on top of the Sunday, Me and Sister Beck. How cute is she. What to do with so many new BFFs. We also shared a nice conversation about how much we love Relief Society. I love these woman of faith and have been so blessed by their testimonies.
And finally because my heart was racing from the excitement of meeting and picturing with my idols that I needed to see the EMT guys. I felt kind of light headed and rather faint. They were very kind to pose for a blog picture and even offered to do CPR on me for the good of the blog. How cute is the one with his mouth open in excitement from meeting me.
It was an amazing day and I have way more blog fodder that will have to wait for another day. I need to get to bed so I can get up early and get a good place in line for tomorrow.
So much stalking to do, so little time.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness!!! Well aren't you just the bee's knees. The cat's meow!

I love it. I love your stinkin' cute face in every photo with every famous amazing beautiful Mormon leader.

I especially love the photo of you with the EMTs ha hahahahah

Oh Pat. It looks like you found your twin. I wish you had opened your mouth as wide as he did. hee hee He has no idea how talented you are in that area.

Marjorie said...

Now I am definately jealous! How I wish was there with you! You go girl!

Smart Helm said...

Yes, u do have Amazing stalking skills! I bet u have gotten even better now that u can post ur skills on the internet :-)

At first I thought that was a picture of the security guys coming to take u away hee hee ha ha! (a song)

Hope ur experience continues to be so wonderful (except no more fainting hearts... that makes my heart faint!).

T said...

Did you take along our waitress to snap all your shots or were you "arm length" shooting those great photos?

I have GOT to get myself up to Women's Conference next year... I need me some spiritual lift!!!

(and seriously - if we can do both of Crash's luncheons... maybe we'll carpool? Now that we've met IRL my hubs won't think I'm going to be abducted right?)

SEBishop said...

Oh Patty! I miss you. You are so hysterical. I'm so happy you got to go to Women's Conference. I have yet to be able to attend as it is not my time of life.

I am going to use your blog as a source of inspiration to help my 17-year-old son heal from a broken bone in his neck. He is in intense pain and has missed a week of school and will most likely miss more. He was doing a BOX Squat in weights at school. Ask your boys what that is. He has an AP test a week from today.

Valerie said...

Hi! I didn't get to go to Women's Conference this year so I was looking around for blogs talking about the classes and I found yours. What a fun find. I can tell you have a great sense of humor and are brave. I would never have the guts to ask for a photo with any of them, but now you have them forever. Cool!

Sue Q said...

How cute is that! You're like a little G.A. groupie! (The sisters count as G.A.'s, don't they?) Still, it sounds like you're having a blast, and I SOOOOO wish I could have gone to WC, too!

April said...

You are cracking me up! I'm so glad you are having such a great time! Keep it up!

Eliza said...

You are amazing! I can't wait for you to scrapbook it!!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Crash, I know am I too crazy or what?

Mom I wish you could have been there also

Melanie, how funny would it have been if they were security. Maybe next time.

T seriously you need to go next
year, and that would be awesome if we could carpool, although I may already be up there for a family reunion.

Steph I am so sorry to hear about Brandon. Best of luck with everything. I hope that the fact that it is so late in the school year will make it a bit easier. But still not a good thing.

Valerie, welcome to the Hamster Wheel, glad to share some of the WC joy with others.

Sue I am such a GA groupie. Kind of sad, huh, but it could be worse.

April, glad I cracking you up, humor is the best medicine.

Eliza, I will have something to do next Thursday, huh?

Emily said...

What a great trip, looks like a great time!