Thursday, April 23, 2009

Winds of Change

It seems that the winds of change are blowing over my life and it is a good thing. Perhaps it all was started with April when she held the contest for the Wicked ticket. I think winning that has changed my life for the good. At least it seems a bit easier to get out of bed and face another day each morning.

The first Who Hoo producing event would have to be my husband's release from being Young Men's president for the past year and a half. Too bad I was in Utah the Sunday he was released and I could not jump for joy in person. Although believe me, the Happy Dance was happening in Happy Valley.

It is interesting that the term used is release, something akin to being released from prison. He has been really good for and with the boys, but let's be honest any youth calling is extremely time consuming.

Over the past few months I could not help noticing that he would be more available to help me with Jared, if he were not serving the other Young Men in the ward quite as often. I pointed this out to the Bishop and apparently the Lord agreed with me.

I feel a little like Abraham who has been spared from sacrificing Isaac. Of course I was willing to keep supporting my husband if it was absolutely necessary, but I feel a great sense of relief, joy, gratitude, and less stress. A huge burden has been lifted, and I can sense the polar ice caps that have formed over my will to live beginning to melt.

I love this lesson in the scriptures, that sometimes the Lord only requires that we be willing to sacrifice it all, not actually suffer the pain of sacrificing it all. Sometimes we can be spared pain. I suppose in this case the Lord knew when enough was enough. Yea I think there is a scripture in Corinthians 10:13 about that.

Last Sunday was the first time in probably about 6 years that my husband did not have to go to early morning meetings. He has been ward clerk, then High Priest Group Leader, then we moved and he was ward clerk again, and then Young Men's president. Having him home in the mornings will be a big change for us, and it is nice to have some back up in getting kids moving to be ready for church. Again something that should not be a big deal, but it will be easier now.

The other big change for the week would be Jared's hair. I know I have spoken of it before, how I was not the biggest fan of his choice of hair cuts or rather not cutting it. But considering his limited choices, I felt this was one thing he should be allowed to have control over.

Sometimes he has been the proud owner of the FRO.

And here is a shot taken on Monday before I took the clippers to it.

I offered to take him to a professional, but he said he would rather have me do it. Then I offered to try cutting just a little bit off. I figured he could see it a little bit shorter first and then if he didn't like it, I could always cute it shorter. But he would have none of it, he wanted it all off. Oh mylanta the pressure. And here are all of his lovely locks lying forlornly on the floor.
Of course he refused to pose for the after shot. He was willing however to show just his hair. See it is definitely shorter.

And here is another shot of him dodging the camera. Dang digital cameras that take so long to snap the picture. It is a nice look at the back though, don't ya think?

I have to say that as happy as I am with it being cut, it is quite a change. I think it has been about a year since he has had a real hair cut. I suppose I saved lots of money. Oh wait I always cut his hair, never mind.

I think it is definitely a step in the right direction. He even went to seminary twice this week and he will be going on the Pioneer Trek tomorrow with the stake. He won't be doing much trekking, but the boys practiced pulling him in the hand cart the other night. It will be good for him to go to normal activities.

He will get his last cast off his leg next Tuesday. That will make 7 weeks in a cast and with out a real shower. Yikes. Sponge baths are better than nothing, but not the same. His leg is all the way straight and he is actually walking/limping around with out any crutches. It is something of a miracle.

In my pessimistic way, I am waiting for the cast to come off and for them to say now he can't bend the knee. There has to be something right? He can't just be well and normal again. Hopefully I am wrong about that. Stranger things have happened.

Maybe that bright light making me squint, is the light at the end of the tunnel and not just the glow from the Stip. One can hope. Amazing, I wondered if I would ever say that again.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh YAY! I'm so happy for you. I too hope the bright light is the end of THIS tunnel.

I love how honest you are about your hub being released.

Yay for short hair and for bended knees.

Now I need to go look at those wicked photos!

I mean Wicked photos. (There's a difference.

P.S. Yay, I beat Kristina P.

Kristina P. said...

That Crash!

And I'm sure he looks great! My brother was sporting Jesus hair for a long time, and I thought he looked terrible. He has it cut now, and it looks so much better!

val of the south said...

I love the analogy between being released from a calling and being released from prison.

Well done on the haircut. I used to cut my boys hair. Now they beg to go to a professional. Not because of how crappy it looked (though it did) but because of how incredibly long it took to cut as I'd try to even it up!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Yay! Things are looking up for you and that's fabulous!!

Give me tips on getting a boy to agree to a haircut. My 9 year old is refusing.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Good job Crash, for beating out Kristina. I hope my exuberance about the release is not too much TMI.

Krisina, I know Jesus hair is not my fav.

Val, it is such a pain cutting teenage boys hair because they do tend to keep saying "Are you done yet?" "Are you done yet?" You would think they would think twice before irritating the person with scissors in her hands. Sheesh.

Homer and Queen said...

Hey! I read on Blok's blog that you are a BYU football fan! Max Hall is my nephew and we go up to all the games, I hope he has a better year this year, it started out great though! Go Cougars!

Smart Helm said...

Don't worry, I'll keep Jared in line on the Trek.

I'll have to tell him his hair looks nice! Maybe even ask who did it :-)

Melanie S said...

I hope that things are starting to look up for Jared and for all of you. What a challenge. You are the greatest!

April said...

I am so glad that going to WICKED meant so much! I had a feeling that it would! I pick the battles with my boys and hair is not one of them, and so my oldest had long hair right up until he left on his mission. Now the younger one likes the shorter hair...go figure.

Sometimes, we all have prisons we need to be released from. We just have to find the key.

Shawna said...

How did I miss the hair Sunday? It looks great from the back, guess I'll have to wait til next week.

Eliza said...

I'm right there with ya on getting out of prison. WHOOO HOOO.

Love the hair cut and the straight leg. With all of this positive energy right now, I just know that things will keep looking up for you!