Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Festivities 2009

Well, I have safely returned from Utah, even though I didn't get home until 9:00 pm last Monday night. Why is it that you come home from vacations feeling like you need a vacation? What is up with that?

I have been rather busy this week working. There has been some blog worthy fodder, that I may post about some day.

In the mean time, I will subject you all to a family slide show. Just imagine you have stopped by for a short visit and I have chained you up in the living room with the slide projector. Today's torture will be Easter celebrations in Utah.

To begin with we have the obligatory egg coloring. I read about some mother who has her kids color eggs naked in the bath tub. That does sound like genius, but we opted for the slightly less X rated boring version of just carefully sitting around the table.

But before the eggs, we needed an activity to keep the kiddies occupied while the eggs were boiling. Nothing like pipe cleaners and beads for hours of cheap entertainment.

Finally it was time for the dying of the eggs. It all went rather smoothly considering the number of kids and their young ages. Of course the nappers were left out of the fun. Snooze you loose.

Here is a naked egg waiting to be colored.

Everyone is hard at work. Diana is using the every popular wax crayon to decorate her egg.

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend Easter dinner hosted by none other than our long lost friend Funny Farmer. And when I say lucky, I mean niner niner niner, you missed out on some way yummy food. So here is a picture of just the two of us. What a great trip I got pictures with two blog friends. He He He.

Funny Farmer is alive and well, but she is keeping occupied with real life and friends as opposed to just sitting at a computer all day. She says no offense, and none is taken. But we all do miss her witty ways and snarky comments. Lucky for me I know her in real life and so I still get to be real life friends with her. Some day she may be back. We'll leave the light on for you FF.

And if FF wasn't enough, look here is Old Boat guy surveying the spread. Cool huh? The ham was better than a Honey Baked because Funny Farmer put her own delicious spiced topping on it. Yummo! And she made funeral potatoes from REAL POTATOES. Who ever heard of that? Boy its nice to be related to someone from Idaho. And Pioneer Women beware, you ain't got nothin on my FF.

I loved this dinner so much because we all brought something and it made it so much easier. It is the first Easter Dinner I have been with my family for a very long time, if ever. It was great. Although I ditched out on my husband and two sons. They had to suffer alone in Vegas. Poor things.

Besides all the yummy food, there was a boat load of small children running around and having fun together. So much fun.

A shout out to my niece Susan for all the outside shots. She was kind enough to take over my camera as photographer, while I laid on the couch in pain from eating too much.

Tell me this little girl does not just melt you heart.

And here she it checking out Funny Farmer's chickens that did not get butchered for dinner.

Love this pose.
And check out the attitude. You go girl!

And how about this little cutie patootie?

The boys are greatly outnumbered by the girls and so these two stick together.
This is my nephew who thinks he is a dog. So funny how he claimed this spot and wouldn't even move for the real dog.

Here is a shot with my two brothers, my dad, and my sister. This is half of us kids.

And a shot of Diana with Grandpa.
Time for Grandpa to go back to Seattle and the good bye hugs.

No one wanted him to go. So sad. He practically had to pry them all off his leg so he could get out of the door. It was nice that his business trip coincided with Easter weekend, or he wouldn't have been there.
All in all we had a great time while in Utah. Believe or not, there are still more pictures for me to post about. I know I still haven't finished the Fabulous Friday of Fun we had last week. I need to scan in the pictures we had taken at the mall. Maybe tomorrow.
Thanks for enduring my slide show and not throwing too many tomatoes.


April said...

I wouldn't throw tomotoes! They're too hard to clean off my screen! hahahaha!!! Just kidding! I loved seeing how much fun you had! You need to remember this, and do it again!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks Ap, I feel now I have met you I we are on a nick name basis. Hope your weekend is great!

Kristina P. said...

What a fun trip! And that Easter dinner spread looks delicious.

Anjeny said...

You are absolutely right...that is one lucky dinner..everything looks really yummy. It's good to see you having a great time with your fun, a well-deserved vacation for you.

val of the south said...

Good for you! About darn time you had some fun girl!!

(Every Easter post I see is guilt inducing - I've never let my kids color eggs - what kind of horrible mother am I?)

Marjorie said...

Thanks NHC for the virtual vacation. It was almost as good as being there! Brought back so many memories of when we colored eggs when you were little and then had egg hunts in the front yard. I agree with you. FF is a fab cook. I can almost smell the ham now!

Smart Helm said...

Looks like tons of fun... but glad ur back!

Vacations from Vacations.. how true is that?!?

Smart Helm said...

Looks like tons of fun... but glad ur back!

Vacations from Vacations.. how true is that?!?

Kris said...

I have been checking your web site every day all week and still I am ninth!

Wow looks like so much family fun. Our Easter was so boring. We did not take a sigle photo. How sad.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Val don't feel bad about not coloring eggs. I think it is highly over rated and I don't think I would have done if not for my sister and sister in law. In fact they did all the work, so I really didn't color eggs with my daughter. I just took pictures making it look like I did.

Shawna said...

funeral potatoes made form real potatoes? Who ever heard of such a thing? The food looks fabulous! The eggs came out excellent. And looks like your family is have a fantastic time.

Eliza said...

How sweet that they didn't want Grandpa to go. Your dinner looked scrumptious. No wonder you were laid out on the couch.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh I absolutely can't BELIEVE I missed a post with photos of Funny Farmer and Old Boat Guy! How is that possible? It looks like so much fun.