Friday, April 10, 2009

Hats Off to BYU

Diana and I are spending the week in Spanish Fork visiting my sister and two brothers for the whole week of spring break. We have had the dream girls vacation. Such good times.

There was nothing on the calendar today, and so it seemed like the oportune time for some brainwashing. You can never start too young with training up a child in the university she should worship. All of you, except for those living in a cave, are well aware of my BYU FANaticisn and freakish delight in all things BYU. If you are one of THOSE people who do not especially care for BYU, it's OK. I will still talk to you and read your blog. But I think it would be best if we went on a don't ask, don't tell policy. If you hate BYU, I don't want to hear about.

For me, BYU was crucial in turning me out to be an almost educated accountant. I loved my years here. BYU is responsible for my last name, in that it is where I met my husband. And so for this, and many other reasons, I will always be fanatically compulsive in my obsession. Even though spell checker doesn't think BYU is a word. What does it know, anyway?

And what better place to fall in love with BYU than the Wilkensen Center, Cougareat, and Bookstore?

Here is Diana next to the nice barricade keeping all terrorists from driving into the Wilkensen Center. I am sure that BYU is high on the list of most terrorists for places of derision.

Do you think I look tasty to this Cougar? If it loves Cougar loving people, it would find me delicious.

And Diana had a turn to be kitty food.

We found this inspiring T-shirt at the bookstore.

Diana found this adorable hat. And yes that red tag means it is on clearance. Too bad they didn't have one in my size. Who doesn't need a hat with a cougar sticking out both sides?

Here I am with a few items to help pull off the crazed fan look. And I am practicing my best stalking stance. GO COUGARS!!!

And then I went on the search for the perfect hat for me. I tried many different ones. What do you think? Will I be getting a call to be the next top BYU Hat model? Should I start interviewing agents? I think I may have missed my calling.

Of course I picked the one that had BYU Football on it. What other choice could I make, I ask you. As if there was ever any doubt.

Next we have the Show Your School Spirit pictures. Maybe the cheerleaders will be calling me also and I will have hard decisions to make.

Look how well I am rubbing off on my offspring?

How do I have such a cute kid, with such a cute hat? Irresistible, I tell you!

And after all the hard work of shopping, we moved onto the eating portion of the competition. Ice cream from the Cougareat and in the white bag on the table two of the most delicious mint brownies you have ever eaten.

And in case any of you had any doubt, I will demonstrate just how yum-dily-icious those brownies are. I will also take all the calories for you as well, I am such a giver that way.

When asked for her review of the days activities, Diana gave it all two thumbs up. Stay tuned for the next post in which I stumble upon the Holy Grail of BYU Football. You won't want to miss it, I assure you.


Kris said...

Such cute photos!! I love you hats and hat faces. I needed a good laugh today.

I'm so glad that you and Diana are living the good life. Can't wait to see you.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha hahahahahahahahah Oh Pat. These are my favorite pics ever. They are even better if you're listening to Chris Brown sing Run It while you scroll.

I think those give your profile pic a run for it's money.

Amie Earl said...

that looks like so much fun I am glad that you had a splendid day. what fun.

April said...

I love the one pic where the lady in the background is looking at you, like, what is that lady doing? hahahaha!!! great pics!!! Say hi to Diana for me!!!

Eliza said...

I hope your credit card didn't scream when you walked into the store!

You and Diana are adorable!

Mariko said...

Very cute. I agree. I look forward to afternoons with just my daughter in the future. If that's possible.

I have to dislike BYU because it's a natural threat to BYUH. Sorry. We can be the kind of friends that watch our backs. :)

Smart Helm said...

U are crazy lady! I shore dew love it.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

This is still my favorite post of all time. Especially if you scroll through it real quick. hee hee hee. And I see the Wizard post is right below! Hello!!! I'm such a dummy!

Hence the name.