Thursday, February 5, 2009


A couple weeks ago, our stake had an Activity day activity. They divided all the girls into 3 groups and they rotated through three stations. They had a friendship activity, and etiquette lesson, and a card making class. After all the rotations, they had some of the girls do a fashion show of modest clothing.

Here is the before shot of the three girls from our ward. They wanted the girls to have accessories, so Diana and her friend are using cell phones. And no it is not hers, but she desperately wishes it were.

Here they are on the runway showing off their accessory.

This is pretty much her dream come true. Cute clothes, curled hair, a little make up, and a cell phone. In her world it doesn't get better than this.

And finally my little budding runway star. Strike a pose girl. Way to work it out.

The whole thing was lots of fun. Diana favorite class was the etiquette one, because they got to practice eating.

And the fashion show was too much fun also. It is interesting because I am so not a girly girl. But this child is so the opposite of me. She is a clothes and shoe horse. She seriously has more shoes than me. I love my little fashionista.


Heidi Ashworth said...

She's darling!

Smart Helm said...

Perhaps she'll grow out of it? My sister went through this type of stage and so did I... although not quite so noticable :-)

I've always wondered where girls learn to be girly and I've decided it must be inborn cuz my oldest sister has it and I DONT.

She's got inborn talent! Gotta use ur talents!

Eliza said...

She totally needs to be on America's Next Top Model. She could show Tyra a few things! Way to go Diana!

April said...

ADORABLE!!!! And she knows how to work it! What a cute girl!

SEBishop said...

My Stake primary counelors and I are putting together a Modest is Hottest Activity Day for the girls and I am so going to use these ideas. Thanks for posting.