Monday, February 2, 2009

Just the Facts Mam

In Joe Friday fashion I will try to convey the events of the past week in a readers digest fashion:

- I worked 48 hours between Tuesday and Saturday. Friday I worked for RAZ from 9-6 and then went over and worked at Global Views until 8:30. After I got home I had to run to Target and get a birthday present for a sleep over that Diana was invited to at the last minute. Saturday I did sleep in, but then I went in and worked for 5 hours, came home and did 7 loads of laundry, shopped at 4 stores for a new microwave, because of course ours broke the day before, prepared a gospel doctrine lesson, and went grocery shopping. I am physically exhausted, can I get an Amen? Oh yes, the hamster wheel is on overdrive for sure.

- Jared started second semester, went to 2 out of 3 days the first week, 2 out of 5 days the second week, and it doesn't look like he will go this week at all.

- His problem now, besides the ever debilitating nerve pain, is abdominal pain. It has been getting worse over the past few weeks. This past week has been the worst, and at first I thought it was the flu, and of course said suck it up, to him.

- Finally it was so bad Sunday night, that I took him into the ER. I hated to go. I postponed it as long as my conscience would allow. Then I packed up as if I were moving back to the hospital just in case. I wore my warmest sweatshirt. I took my phone charger. No one can say that I have not learned a thing or two about visits to ERs and hospitals. We were there from 7 til midnight. They took a urine sample, did a CBC, and took x-rays of his stomach. They couldn't find anything horribly wrong, so they sent us home to see our pediatrician and get a referral to a gastric specialist. I recognized one of the nurses from the night he was admitted back in July. They did guess that it is an ulcer, but they do not do those kinds of tests at the ER, hence the need for the specialist.

- This morning, I called to get an appointment at 8:00 and was told Wednesday was the soonest. So I called the special doctor office number that I have and they said could we be there at 9:30. We hurried and dropped Diana off at school and headed out on our medical quest.

- Checking in, filling out forms, waiting, waiting, and more waiting, then the pediatrician came in and checked him over, agreed that he needed the specialist and called to see when they would see us. He came back and said could we be there at 11:00, it was 10:30. So we did our best amazing race impersonation because the other office was 20 mins away.

- More checking in, more forms, more waiting, waiting, waiting. The Gastric specialist wanted more blood work done to check his liver, pancreas, and gall bladder levels. Also he scheduled us to be scoped next week on Thursday. I am suppose to work that day, but they will have to let me have it off.

- Next we went to the lab, where guess what we checked in, filled out forms, and waited. One couple who were there before us got so mad because someone was taken back before them. The receptionist tried to explain that the person was a STAT order and so they go to the front of the line. This older gentleman pretty much threw a hissy fit and finally left. Which was entertaining to watch and then we moved up in line. I did share his pain though.

- Sorry this is so sloppily written and not very humorous. But it will give you some idea of why I am so missing in action. I hardly have time to breath. This week could be a little bit easier on the work hours and that just might save my sanity which is hanging by the tiniest sliver of something.

The other night I woke up screaming out loud, which is either a sign that I am too stressed out or I just like my profile picture so much that I try to imitate it at any given moment.

I will get through this. I am reading a book called When you can't do it alone, or something like that. He talks about having a break down as a mission president when the stress got to be to much and how focusing on Christ and his love helped him get through hard times. I will keep telling myself that I can do this, and I will make it and maybe I can fake it til I make it.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, Pat, I am thinking of you and your family. I hope things get better.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Trying to help a sick child get better is just the worst! They make it so darn hard. As for the mission president, my dad calls it the best kept secret in the church (as to how very hard, lonely and non rewarding it is).

April said...

I am so sorry that you are carrying so much right now! THAT STINKS!!! I wish there was some way I could help out. Just know that if I was closer I would help out however I could!

I have awakened in the night punching my husband...I wonder what that means?

Smart Helm said...

Good luck!

No big bicep muscles yet? Maybe ur just busy building muscles we can't see.

That must be it. Those stamina muscles are shore getting a huge workout!

Sandi said...

I think that you are amazing and Jared is so lucky to have you! This too shall pass.

SEBishop said...

I can't believe all you get done in a day! You are SUPERWOMAN AND MOM navigating the healthcare system for so many months. Centralized health storage is a MUST for Jared at this point. It would streamline the paperwork and waiting immensely . Good luck with work--hope your brain can handle it.

Marjorie said...

Wow! What a time you are having! I sure wish that I could be there to help with the running to the doctor appointments. I hope you know that I would if I could.
Do you remember that counted cross stitch plaque that you made for me that says "Super Mom Lives Here". I think you need it back. I could never do everything you are doing!

I hope they can pin down Jared's problem. We are praying for him. And you!
Good luck with everything!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks Kristina, I need all the prayers I can get

Heidi, sometimes I feel like I should not complain so much when others have to deal with children's health problems for their whole lives.

April, were you dreaming that you were mad at him?

Melanie, maybe you are right about the hidden muscles, it might explain why I am not hospitalized right now.

Sandi, thanks for the vote of confidence. I don't feel amazing.

Steph, I know it drives me crazy that I am the only constant in all these different doctors.

Mom thanks for the love and support.

April said...

Funny thing..I wasn't mad at him. Apparently I WAS mad at someone, he was just the closest punching bag. Poor guy!

Kris said...

Oh, I don't envy you. Just find a happy place, like Hawaii to escape to when your body is sitting in the DR office.

My prayers are with you, wish I was there.


val of the south said...

Complain away Sista! That's what we're all here for - and keeping it in is wayyyyyy worse!

And as for feeling bad complaining because others have it worse...this is your worse - this is your trial and it still sucks!

You are one strong hamster chica - and you can cry on my shoulder anytime - I'd be honored!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Pat. I miss you so much I can hardly stand it. And yet, you're still here making me smile/frown--making my heart laugh/cry.

Pooooooor Jared. Pooooooo Pat.

I know you hate pity parties, but you throw such fun ones. Who else can put me on the edge of my seat when they tell their hospital stories?

I'm looking at your profile pic and imagining you in your PJ's.

hee hee

LY, Pat!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I have every faith that you will make it! At least you read books that will uplift you...

I read fantasy because I want an OUT from the real world! HOw pathetic is that?

Love ya Pat


Eliza said...

Your day made my head spin. I hope that your hampster wheel will slow down (at least for a nap). Let me know if I can do anything for you!