Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm a working mom survivor!

Well as crash commented on my last post, yes my working days outside of the home are officially over. I submitted a time sheet for 87 hours for the past two weeks. I think cartwheels, back flips, balloons, and confetti are in order. But I am too tired for that, so I will settle for falling onto my bed in a coma.

It is interesting, my job last week for the actual furniture show, was to stand at the doorway of the Global Views showroom and greet people. You know saying things like "Welcome to Global Views" and the always popular "Have a nice day". I did, however, manage to squeeze in a few ba bye's ala Helen Hunt on Saturday Night live stewardess sketch. But man being cheerful and smiling all day long is exhausting.

Can you imagine what would happen if when customers asked "How are you today?" I responded with saying "well my back is killing me, my feet hurt even worse, and I have a son with multiple medical issues, and a mother and mother in law both undergoing Chemo for breast cancer. Not to mention a husband whose job wants to cut back his hours, a pool that looks like a swamp and a house that looks like a candidate for clean sweep or some other television make over show, and I am not prepared for the pandemic flu that I keep reading is coming, let alone knowing what to do with my wheat, despite my ward's valiant efforts to teach me. "

So instead of scaring customers away, I lie through my teeth about 500 times a day and say "I am fine, How are you?" And they probably lie right back to me as well.

All this faking it did seem to rub off a tiny bit. It was a change for me, and sometimes a change is as good as a rest. But other times a coma or a straight jacket are as good as a rest.

I do bow down in ardent admiration to any working mothers. Honestly I have no idea how you can do it all the time. I have seriously neglected my full time motherhood job, for my full time paying job for three weeks. Hopefully no one is scarred for life. And hey now I can pay for their therapy, right? And now I can try to get every one back on track and doing what they are suppose to be doing, when they are suppose to be doing it.

So I am extremely grateful for the extra cash, which is already spent and will go to paying off debts. But it has nearly killed me both physically and emotionally and to say I am glad it is over would be an understatement like saying the Titanic was a little bit wet and cold.

Perhaps it will help me appreciate the blessing of having only one full time job. We will see. I already made two phone calls about medical issues today, so it is good to have time to work on those problems again. Just like when it is good to get a root canal. And now I am taking my daughter to the mall for a long promised trip. Although I don't remember the promising, but she assures me that the promise was made and insists I make good on said promise.

Some important things were learned during my foray into the work field:

A family can survive for three weeks on cold cereal, chips, frozen food both cooked and uncooked, and various canned goods. Although no one cracked open the number 10 cans of wheat, so it couldn't have been that big of an emergency, despite their cries otherwise.

The day of miracles has not ceased as attested to by the fact that my 17 year old found his work shoes one day and his apron and cap on another day all by his very own self. This is something that would have fallen under my expertise had I been home to rescue him. Good job of bending and lifting things and looking in more than one place, son.

It would appear that I am the one doing much of the stuff that needs doing around here, as most things did not happen. You know things like getting the mail, picking things up around the house, handling of school affairs, and life's little luxuries like food and water. To my husbands credit, he did do the laundry one Saturday, which can not be discounted in its helpfulness to me.

Although I had assumed otherwise, I was able to adapt to the custom of putting on a bra, clothes, and make up every day. I figured that it was a habit I had manage to completely break but wearing a bra, clothes, and make up must be like riding a bike. Easy to get back into. Although I have never ridden a bike without my clothes so perhaps I have nothing with which to compare it to. Anywho, I even wore clothes that made me look professional, instead of a bag lady having a bad hair day.

Truth be told, I would never want to have a career. Way to much pressure. Unless it was a career as a Broadway star, then I might be interested. So for now, I will be very content to return to my life as a full time mom with my little some times part time job.

And who knows someday, when my kids are grown, I may find myself returning to the workforce in my chosen profession of accountant, but til then you will find me bra less, laying on my couch, eating bon bons watching Oprah. Oh, yeah and resuming my position as the chief operating officer of our household as well.


Smart Helm said...

I'm glad u made it through!

Good luck with getting ur house back in order.

Kris said...

Way to be a survivor! Hey, you are now trained to go on that show and win some big cash!!

Love ya!

Kristina P. said...

Congrats on being a survivor!

Eliza said...

I'm glad that life can get back to "normal" for you.

Did Marion have fun in CA? Russell LOVED it!

SEBishop said...

Motherhood is ALL about faking it and painting on that smile just like in the "PAID" work place

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I agree with SEBishop,

GOOD FOR YOU! You still crack me up though!

I didn't know both of your moms were undergoing Chemo! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the what!!!!!!!

My goodness. At least your son can find his own work gear.

LY!! I

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Yes Step and Crash, motherhood is about faking it, but everyone in awhile or month, the axe murder comes out and I have never heard of kids firing their own mother. Altough mine might be considering it.

in time out said...

great post. love the pay attention one too. you are a great writer...♥

Mariko said...

I have been wondering what kind of emergency it would take to open those cans of wheat. Glad to see it takes something worse. :)

Jen said...

Pat, I love you. You are like my blog-mom. And I hope you find yourself hugging your mom SOON!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Jen, thanks.