Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Idol

Besides others in my house hogging all the computer time, I have of course been occupied in the evenings watching American Idol. Who doesn't love watching people pursue their dreams on national TV? It is just as good as a Veggie Tale movie. I laugh, I cry, it moves me BOB.

And is it just me, or did it seem a little bit kinder and gentler this year? As much fun as it is to watch people makes fools of themselves and then receive insults from the judges, I would much rather watch the heart wrenching stories of people who really need this in their life.

Like the guy on Wednesday night, whose wife died 4 weeks earlier. His story broke my heart. I hope he goes far, and his best friend is going with him. How cute is that?

But I wonder if they gave some people tickets to Hollywood that they knew would not make it. Do they purposefully bring people they know will be easy to cut? And is that even meaner to give someone false hope? Would it be better to be disappointed right away, or would you rather think you have a chance when you really don't?

Just some thoughts running around my crazy brain. I think I might like to be strung along as long as possible. Like I always say, denial is a great place to be.

And watching so many of these people who were so passionate about this show made me wonder if that is what is missing from my life. I need a dream to make getting out of bed each day more appealing.

So I wonder what my new dream should be.

I think I am pretty close to achieving the dream of the BYU football team obtaining a restraining order on me, or at the very least posting my face on the dart board in the locker room. So I need something else.

Joining the circus? Possibly not. I might like to be a cheerleader for the BYU football team, but I think that ship has sailed. Actually, I might like to join the CIA, like one of my favorite characters, Mrs Pollifax. I think life as a spy might be my only chance to travel. Another unfulfilled dream would be to sing on Broadway. There is the little detail of my not really being able to carry a tune in a bucket. So maybe one day I will settle for just attending some musicals on Broadway. Next best thing and all that yada, yada, yada.

For now I think I should just settle for seeing everyone else in my house go to school each day and me getting out of bed. That will be nice. Baby steps, right?

What are your secret dreams?


Kristina P. said...

Well, I do own a Snuggie now, so what more is there to life?

Smart Helm said...

Build a real Castle (except with indoor plumbing and heated floors) and throw a real Ball with an orchestra and food and ballroom dancing. Like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abby, etc.

Is that too much to ask?

Mm.. maybe I should expand my movie collection.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Kristina, glad to know that all your dreams have come true.

Melanie, that would be so awesome. I have always wanted a ballroom dress. And I want an indoor pool, like you do and saw at that castle. Hmmmm something to think about.

An AZ Girl in TX said...

Hmmm secret dreams...

To own a house - not sure where yet.

To read a great book... without 100,000 interruptions from various sources.

Ok, so those really aren't that secret...

How about,

To write a novel... and have it published.

Oh and Smart Helm, that is an excellent dream! I'll pretend I'm a guest at the ball... that would be fun! No need to expand the movie collection when you've good something good already there.


April said...

I LOL'ed at the restraining order!!! That was funny!! My dream is to have a beautiful home that is finished and paid for. I want my boys to have a place to bring their friends home to. That is something that has always escaped me. I also want a relationship with my mom. The first one is possible, not so sure about the second one though.

WOW!! I am really starting to let it all out! Is that good or bad?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha ha ah Oh Pat you kill me. You really do. hee hee hee hee

I was laughing so hard this morning when I saw you singing 99 bottles of milk on the wall. And then while Kritta's trying to talk to you you break out into Pete and Repeat and then Knock Knock.

ha ha ha

Restraining order. ha ha Dart board. hee hee

And I am totally rooting for that guy who's wife died. He's goooood. He. COULD. Go. ALL. the. WAY.

Love that show with a passion.

I always dreamed about becoming the first black president, but . . .

But now I dream of traveling across with a Nutty Hamster Chick and waiting for famous people to come out of the bathroom.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

hahahaha about BYU and the restraining order...I love that you admit it...:)

Anyway... I am an avid American Idol watcher...what about Ryan Secrest trying to give the Blind Guy a HIGH FIVE...that was funny!

My dream...being a guitar player while singing acapella and having everyone listen to me on the radio!!! :)

Marjorie said...

I like the idea of you being a spy. I can see all kinds of possibles lurking about.

My secret dream is to be an archeologist and have an adventure digging in Egypt like Ameila Peabody. Or I might even settle for dinosaur bones in Utah!
Maybe I could find another bone shaped like a "Y" hee hee hee. That's why I loved being a docent when the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit was in town.

And Crash, thanks for your kind invitation to your blog. We'll see if I can muster up for it. For now it will be great fun reading and laughing with you.

Jen said...

TO MOVE OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!! And get one that doesn't need any work. And that has closets. And a master bathroom.

Except this isn't a secret. EVERYONE knows I feel this way. Does it still count?