Sunday, January 4, 2009

On the Blog again.

My good friend Crash Test Dummy reminded me that if I want to post 365 times again this year, I better get back on the horse. But I feel rather speechless, or perhaps in blogspeak, it is wordless.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? You achieve this amazing thing like running a marathon, and then you think "Golly Gee" I will never live up to the standard I have set for myself.

Or perhaps it is some overwhelming task, like cleaning out the fridge. If I ever manage to do this, then I just want to open the door and stare at it and never go grocery shopping or cook anything again.

So we will see how this year goes. Truth be told, I posted 61 times in July and that was because of the tragic events that were happening. So I will be OK if I don't make it to 365 posts this year, if it means nothing devastating happens. Do you hear that blogging Gods?

On the other hand, that doesn't mean, that when tragedy and comedy hits, as seems to be wont to happen with me, I won't rub my hands together with glee, and think to myself, "Boy is this going to be good to blog about."

My sidebar doesn't say that I am 71% addicted to blogging for nothing. I find that blogging is like scrap booking. When I first got into scrap booking, I found that no matter what, I would think how can I scrap book this? What should I wear or the child wear that will look cute on the page?

And now my focus has changed to the Blog. It is all about the Blog. What will I blog now? What will my friends blog now? When will I blog again? How can I take a boring dull life and make it interesting and entertaining to my readers? Will anyone comment? Will anyone think I'm funny? How many people will LOL today because of me? The thoughts go on and on.

So perhaps I am not so wordless, after all. Only time will tell.


April said...

Ok, so how do I get the Willy Nelson voice to stop singing "On the Blog again, I just can't wait to get on the blog again......" over and over and over.....

I love, love, love (sung in the Beatles voices) reading you blog! You rock sista!!!

April said...

PS...I meant to say "your" blog....I hate making typos...hehehehehe!!!! (The "sista" was on purpose!)

Kristina P. said...

When I first started my blog in March, I made a goal to blog daily. And I did for 2 1/2 months. And then I realized I just couldn't do it. And if you go back and read when I first started, it was definitely quantity over quality. I used to post those little quizzes all the time, because I couldn't come up with things to blog about.

So now, I just blog when I feel like it. So much easier. :)

I have a blog friend who posted like 401 times in 2008! That's insane!

SEBishop said...

New hobbies are like that and I was the same way about scrapbooking. Whenever I would design a new page I wanted to share it with the world, but no one really seemed to care except my Mom! Now, hardly anyone looks at the books I spent hours on! I wonder if it is all worth it.

With blogging, you get some gratification of your work because of comments. You have a large support group now to help you through this trial and something to look forward to connect you to the outside world. I'm happy for you and hope for some connections myself as winter loneliness sets in January!

Carson asked me the other day if when he was a dad, he would be able to look at the Bishop Blog and read what happened when he was 10. I HOPE SO CARSON! THIS IS NOW MY JOURNAL and I really feel happy about being GREEN as well.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...


Like you told me once...BLOGGING is forever! So it is not going anywhere!

I love to read your posts...I vow to comment more for YOUR sake and the sake of your brain...but you know me and resolutions...I suck at them! lol!

I have come upon that...and did the same thing Kristina did...I use to blog EVERYDAY...which I still do during the week...but if I have nothing to blog about... I don't! :)

Love ya girl!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

he he he April, glad I could help fill your day with music. Aren't you glad I didn't reference It's a small world?

Kristina, that is a good point about quantity vs quality.

Steph- I agree that this is a greawt journal. At some point I want to get my blog in print form. It feels like it will last but what if something happened and your blog just disappeared. How tragic would that be?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Shelle, thanks for sharing the love.

April said...

oh I will go to church humming "it's a small world" to all of the hymns!! Why you....!!!! hahahahaha!!!

Marjorie said...

Good post! Who would have thunk it? The cure for writer's block is.............writing!!!

Oh, how do you get your blog printed? That would be so so awesome!!!

Jen said...

If you could hear me, I would be singing a loud, and rousing chorus of "You're Nooooot Aloooooone, say it one more time - I'm not alone..."

It's a blog, blog world after all.

Kris said...

I hope that you will find ways to make the daily grind funny and exciting, cuz that is so much better than blogging in crisis mode.

Luv ya

Annie Valentine said...

See, I really do the hand rubbing glee thing when bad things happen. I'm kind of sick like that. And personally, I made sure to only blog 364 times last year to ensure I'd have something to work toward this year.

Please, don't jump off your blogging wheel. We'd all shrivel up and let our computers sleep forever. Besides, who will help me be a better person?

Eileen said...

My friend challenged me to daily blogging and that kept up for about two months. Then I realized NOBODY read my blog on the weekends. Then I figured that that was because they were probably actually doing stuff. Real live stuff. Blog-worthy stuff. Then I felt like I needed some kind of self-help group. Now I'm at about 5 times a week and feeling much better. Phheww.

Good luck to you in 2009. May you find that magic "just right" blog post number.

sara said...

I did a post daily for the 12 days of Christmas, and by daily I mean I gave myself the weekends off and I found that exhausting. It's hard to be creative every day.
I'm impressed you managed to post so much in 2008, but don't feel pressured to keep it up.
Good luck!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Mom if nothing else I can just copy it to word and print it, but I have heard of websites that will bind it and print it and that would be the coolest thing ever.

Jen, thanks for telling me I am not alone and putting that song in my head.

Kris yes let's hope there is a way to make daily life funny, it is the only way to go.

Annie, glad I am not the only one that is glad for things to blog about. And thanks for giving me credit. I'm always there for you.

Eileen, welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. My neice and I had this very conversation that it is ironic that if you are busy doing stuff that would be worth blogging then you don't have time to blog, but on the other hand if you just sit home and blog, then there is not much to write about. Quite the Conundrum.

Sara, I did the 12 days of Christmas thing last year and so that is why I had to bore everyone with all my old christmas cards this year. And I love your sister by the way, she totally rocks.

Wow I can't believe how many comments this post got. A topic on all of our minds I suppose.

Smart Helm said...

I was blog crazy when I first started as well, but now I have become smarter... (along with my post for today). Its only fun to blog when ur excited about it! That's what I decided.

Plus... then u don't blog everyday at work and not get fired!

(Shawna says u also get more comments that way :-)