Friday, January 16, 2009

Zip lock bags, worth their weight in gold.

Well I may die from the shock, but I am getting another chance to have the laptop. Two turns in one day. What the what. It must be my lucky day. And April is right, I should put my foot down and insist on equal rights for women. Sadly, I am a pushover when it comes to my rights. So don't feel sorry for me, it is my own fault. Go ahead, play your finger violins for me in mock sympathy.

So let me see if I can remember anything that I have to write about. That is the problem with sporadic computer time. Sometimes you just have to be in the right mood or frame of mind to write. At least for me anyway. Here are some random things that have happened this week.

Yesterday, I got a bill for crutches that were given to Jared at our first doctor appointment last summer on July 2. These are the people who sent us home after 6 hours, with the diagnosis that he had a pulled muscle and the flu. Well, that is almost the same as a staff infection that would turn septic and almost kill him, so I can understand. The bill is only for $15, but talk about snail mail. Good golly, Miss Molly, I may be receiving bills for years to come. These people are not exactly timely in their billing, are they?

Speaking of medical bills, I spent the morning trying to track down and list all our medical expenses from last year. In a bad news/good news moment, we had enough expenses to deduct. I think it is a moment akin to when you accidentally set off fireworks inside the house and punch a hole in the ceiling and say, "Hey, I wanted a skylight there anyway". Not good that there was so much money spent or debt incurred, but since it happened might as well save some money on the taxes, right?

In the first tragedy of 09, we ran out of zip lock bags the other day. Not just sandwich bags, but gallon and quart sized as well. Not a baggie to be found anywhere. Horrifying, not to mention inconceivable, because I buy zip lock bags by the case at Sam's club, and they usually last for about forever. Apparently, forever was over. Who knew?

I never realized just how much I appreciate the joy and convenience that is the zip lock bag. At first I was puzzled at just what to do. See, I have a system. When there are leftovers that need to be stored, I put them in a zip lock bag. That way I can put the bag in the fridge, until it turns into some unidentifiable substance, and then I can throw it away in good conscience and with very little effort. It has been a system that has served me and the land fill well. It is also why our state of no zip locks, was a state of emergency.

Then I remembered the neato storage container set I got for Christmas. And that saved the day when putting away left overs.

So now I love my new containers, I am just not sure where to put them in my over crowded smallish kitchen. I suppose that I need to throw away all the cottage cheese and sour cream containers that I have been using in the past.

But for now, I am storing the new containers in my fridge. Of course that will mean cleaning them out when they become filled with unidentifiable slime. Dang. Maybe they are not so neato after all.


An AZ Girl in TX said...

"Horrifying, not to mention inconceivable, because I buy zip lock bags by the case at Sam's club, and they usually last for about forever. Apparently, forever was over. Who knew?"

Pat, this is hilarious!!! I am laughing so hard, I love it and I totally understand!
Who knew is right! ;^)

Kristina P. said...

A lack of Ziplocs is a national crisis! Glad you have the computer again!

The Wixom Zoo said...

Lol. I only know it's time to clean out the fridge when I run OUT of the little containers and have to start putting suran or tin foil over the top of random bowls. I hate cleaning out the fridge...maybe I'll take up the zip lock idea. Thanks!

April said...

Sorry to hear about your first tragedy! I'm going to check my supply. Thanks for sending out the warning!!

I personally like glass containers, cause slime just slides right out of them and there's no nasty after smell when you clean them. But I can definitely appreciate the convenience of just throwing something away and no washing involved! WOW!

Welcome back to the world of blogging! Way to reclaim your space!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha How come forever goes so quickly sometimes. And other times it seems like . . . forever.

We have so much in common.

Kris said...

You get bonus points for making mom laugh this morning!

Costco has reduced the size of the mega packs, so I am running out several times a year. It's all a conspiricy

Marjorie said...

Kris is right, you do get double points for making me laugh this morning! So good to read some of your wit again! I have often said that if I could just find the guy that invented these handy little bags I would plant a great big KISS on him (don't tell Dad!). But it is a sad day when there isn't one to be had. I am now finding a new use for them which I will not enumerate in vivid detail, sufice it to say that chemo-girl never leaves home with out one!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm all about the ziplocks. Personally I don't understand how Tupperware is still in business.

Anonymous said...

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