Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

A big Happy Birthday to my brother Andrew. Actually his birthday was yesterday. He is the baby in this cute picture. I am ten years older than him and can still remember quite well the day he was born. Also he is the first sibling I remember well as a baby. My mom was called to be primary president shortly after he was born. So I got to take care of him during primary. When he was seven, he got hit in the head with a rock while my parents were out of town. Hence, I took him to the emergency room for stitches. I have not even taken my own kids yet. I remember it was a Monday night of the final game of march madness. We watched the game in the waiting room. It would be hard to say who was more scared at the ER, Andrew or me. He graduated from High School ten years after me. Another great thing about Andrew is that he married someone from Southern California. We still lived there when they married. It was fun to help host that fun family get together. The other good thing is that Las Vegas is on the way to Southern California from Utah, so we get to see his family more than any of my other siblings. Another handy thing about Andrew is that he is an athletic trainer. This is useful when you have injuries that happen to the children at your house. Although it is next to impossible to diagnose something without seeing it, He has been able to give good ideas about things and when you really need to go to a doctor. So Andrew, I am glad that you are my brother and even better my friend. Hope you had a great day and that your Carmel apple cake was a success.

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