Thursday, May 8, 2008

To Dew, or not to do, that is the question

On the Thursday morning of Women's Conference, we all arose bright eyed and bushy tailed. Well kind of. It is always hard to sleep in a strange place the first night. We were very blessed to be able to stay with the family of a friend from Seattle. They have a large family room downstairs and were able to make beds up for all six of us. This was fun to all be together. Sadly for me I was on an air mattress that had an attached pillow and I could not lay flat. Luckily I was exhausted from the drive up there and so I slept anyway. And it is always easier to wake up for something you are very excited about. So here is a picture of all of us in our seats waiting to hear Sheri Dew's talk. Sheri Dew is one of my favorite speakers to listen to. She is so inspiring. After listening to her, I feel as though I could slay a lion, build a ship, or maybe just be a good mom for one more day. You get the feeling you really can Go and Do. She is awesome. Her talk was about "Awake, arise, and come unto Christ." She talked about how we must wake up and do the things that the Lord needs us to do. I hope I can keep the feeling of optimism and encouragement with me for a while. If you can catch her talk on BYU tv, it is truly a must see. I managed to snap this shot of her after the talks. I also got a nice shot of Sister Thompson. Sadly the one I took of Sister Tanner is not very good. Then Sister Dalton was so cute. I took a picture of her and Sister Cook as they were walking in. Sister Dalton noticed me and asked if I got a good shot. She then posed for a better picture for me. How fun! Also as I was taking pictures of Sheri Dew, Mary Ellen Edmonds stopped right next to me. I congratulated her on her etiquette movie that they showed at the beginning of the conference. I was having fun talking to her and I didn't even think to snap her picture. Goodness I am falling down on my stalking job. So the super stalker or paparazzi pat strikes again! Let's just say that it is so fun to see these great women of faith up close and personal. I love all these women and all they do for Relief Society and Young Women's. So hurray for Women's Conference and the chance to hear these wonderful women.


craig said...

Hey I am the first to post. Yeah for me. I tryed to comment a min. ago, but I don't think it worked. I love reliving our great weekend. Thanks for the posts.


Marjorie said...

It was a fun weekend! Love your posts. Couldn't see the pics from this post. Is there something I am supposed to do to make them show up on my computer?